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The chamber music concert in Smetana Hall last night was exceptional! Professional musicians, including violins, violas, cello, and bass, played classical compositions to perfection. The musicians are from the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, PKO-Prague Music Chamber Orchestra, and Czech Philharmonic.

The music was so beautiful, it was sad when the concert ended! Classical music is continuously performed at cathedrals and concert halls throughout Prague. The audience included about 100 people, a mix of tourists and locals.

Musicians regularly play classical music in Smetana Hall. The program doesn’t list names, but they were talented masters and soloists. Compositions performed included:

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PKO-Prague Chamber Orchestra

Principal members of the Czechoslovak Radio Symphony formed the PKO-Prague Chamber Orchestra in 1951. The orchestra performs a wide repertoire, focusing on Bohemian composers.

Bedřich Smetana – Prague Stay

The orchestra is managed by the musicians and has made recordings and won international awards. The orchestra collaborates with distinguished conductors and leading soloists. They have toured Latin America, United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Karel Špillar – Prague National Gallery
Karel Špillar Czech Painter and Graphic Artist
Municipal House Smetana Hall

The musicians performed at Municipal House in Smetana Hall, a major Prague landmark and jaw-droppingly beautiful venue. I’ve attended other concerts there during previous visits.

Ceiling Smetana Hall

Smetana Concert Hall’s name is a tribute to Bedřich Smetana, one of my favorite composers and considered the creator of Czech music. The hall’s elegant interior is the work of “legendary artists” like Karel Špillar.

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Great evening in Prague!

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