VIVID Grand Show Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

VIVID Grand Show

Vivid Grand Show is an impressive production with ultra-talented actors, singers, dancers, and acrobats. Everything shines from the performing artists to lighting, costumes, and stage design! The production premiered at Friedrichstadt-Palast last month and continues to “WOW” Berlin audiences!

Friedrichstadt-Palast Berlin

Friedrichstadt-Palast is the last major architectural statement of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s the world’s largest theater stage.

VIVID Jungle Gold – Robert Grischek
Luxurious Foyer Friedrichstadt-Palast – Wikipedia


The  Friedrichstadt-Palast was where Berliners went to see the “most spectacular shows in the reunited German nation”


Image Robert Grischek

Friedrichstadt-Palast colorful history goes back to the 19th century when it was a “covered market and circus arena”. Before the GDR renamed it, the Nazis called it Theater des Volkes – Theatre of the People. Construction defects and damage from WWII air attacks resulted in the theater’s demolition. A beautiful newly reconstructed building opened in 1984 as “a significant emblem of Germany’s divided history”.

VIVID Grand Show Kickline Friedrichstadt-Palast
VIVID Grand Show Schlange Composing Foto – Robert Grischek

Vivid is a “visual narrative”. Powerful images and sound tell the story with German spoken during key parts of the performance.

VIVID Grand Show Hot-Blossom – Robert Grischek

The story is about a young woman – R’eye – played by actress Devi Ananda Dahm. R’eye becomes separated from her father and is transformed into an android – half human, half machine. The audience accompanies androidin R’eye in her quest for freedom “while bathing their eyes in images of glittering variety”. Vivid graphically takes us through the process of R’eye becoming who she really is. We follow her as she learns about life and gains the courage to face her challenges and fears.

VIVID Grand Finale

“Although R’eye’s android life becomes subject to external control, her yearning for freedom lives on as she begins moving to a different beat. With the wonder of a child, she beholds the world with new eyes and perceives the overwhelming beauty of things we often overlook in life.”

VIVID Grand Finale


“Who can you be? What’s your true ID? VIVID is a hypersensuous journey of self-discovery and a declaration of love for life.”


Cobra Headdress and an Orchid Dress Friedrichstadt-Palast
Creative Team and Performing Artists

Vivid’s budget of 12 million euros makes it the most expensive production in Germany’s history. The spectacular costumes and stage sets are “unparalleled” works of art. As R’eye discovers her hidden identity the color theme progresses from black and white to the vivid bright “colors of life“.

Mongolian Contortionists Troupe Ayasgalan – Diário Zona Norte
Dancer in Fantasy Bird Costume – Martin Muller


Stage sets like “a magical jungle garden with huge butterflies and a science fiction world take the audience into a magnificent fantasy world”.


Butterfly Hat Friedrichstadt-Palast
Vivid Flower Dress Friedrichstadt-Palast

Vivid’s exemplary design team includes Philip Treacy, the famous milliner who creates hats for Queen Elizabeth II, Karl Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren, Lady Gaga, and others. US production designer Michael Cotton created the extraordinary stage scenery. English audio engineer Cedric Beatty orchestrated sound, and Stefano Canulli – Italian film, opera, and fashion designer – created elegant costumes. Set design animations are by German illustrator Jan Wüensche.

VIVID Laserbeams – Dennis Weinboerner
Mad Hatter Philip Treacy Friedrichstadt-Palast
Uzbekistan’s Duo Sky Angels Kristina Vorbeva and Rustem Osmanov – Yvon Kervinio
Actors, Singers, Dancers

Over 100 amazing international artists performed in the flawless production, each showing perfection, love, and dedication of their discipline with physical and “artistic-artistic excellence”. Actor and singer Andreas Bieber was “The Entertainer” and narrator. This is a list of Vivid’s amazing cast and team.

Ukrainian Gymnast Artem Lyubanevych – Thomas F. Strong
Andreas Bieber – The Entertainer – and Devi Ananda Dahm – R’eye
Contortionists, Gymnasts, Aerial Acrobats

The Contortion Act by Mongolian Troupe Ayasgalan was amazing as was the Aerial Pole Act by award-winning Ukrainian gymnast Artem Lyubanevych. Words cannot describe the Duo Sky Angels Iron Jaw Act by Uzbekistan’s Rustem Osmanov and Kristina Vorbeva! The stunning Ecuadorian Navas Troupe starred in their highly  dangerous, breathtaking daredevil Double Wheels of Steel Act. The Navas perfected the double wheels during Cirque du Soleil performances and at Radio City Music Hall!

The Navas Troupe Double Wheels of Steel – BZ Berlin
Navas Troupe VIVID Friedrichstadt-Palast
Jan Wüensche Set Design Animations – Xing

It was fun chatting with the mostly German audience during break in the Palace’s beautiful foyer. So much activity on the stage made it almost impossible for one pair of eyes to absorb. The all-inclusive theme and production are very Berlin. Can’t imagine a more entertaining evening!

Andreas Bieber, Costume Designer Stefano Canulli, Devi Ananda Dahm – Christian Marquardt