Arrivederci Roma!

These weeks in Rome have passed so quickly! It’s sad that as I’m settling in and beginning to conquer the Italian learning curve, it’s time to move on to Istanbul.

I resist the “moving part” of each leg on a long trip – knowing everything is going to change completely overnight and a new orientation process will begin ;o(. Once I board the airplane, it’s a little better.

Istanbul Beyoğlu and Galata – The Telegraph

Turkish Airlines seems efficient – but as with most European airlines their baggage policies and allowances are skimpy. Clearly the rules are designed to boost revenue and glean every dollar, Euro, or Turkish Lira possible from passengers. They allow MUCH more baggage for people flying from Africa or to the US… Haven’t figured that out yet, but there must be a logical reason – to their benefit of course. Qatar Airways has a reasonable baggage allowance.

Next visit to Rome I will stay longer and heed suggestions from locals to arrive in October, November, or December when the weather is cooler and there are fewer tourists. Rome is an unbelievably rich city – so much to see and learn here! Non-captioned photos taken near the Coliseum are attached.

Luca Brasi

Most of all, I will sorely miss the indescribably delicious delights of Sora Pia, my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant. I will always have a soft place in my heart for a waiter there who resembles Luca Brasi (really) from The Godfather. He spoke little English, but always looked after me and never watched me eat pasta or frowned when he saw olive oil dripping down my chin! He taught me about “digestivos” when noticing a distraught look on my face after a full mealstarter PLUS primi piatti and secondo piatti!

Magic Rome

More later from Istanbul – a huge city of 15+ million. After this time in Rome, it will be a massive change – basilicas to mosques! I’m prepared for the same Internet restrictions experienced during a previous visit in 2013 – won’t know until I get there. My hotel is in the Beyoğlu District. During my last visit, I stayed in Sultanahmet, a busy area with most major tourist attractions. Ciao!

Beautiful Roman Skyline
Skyfall 007 Movie Shot of Istanbul


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