Last Day in Copenhagen

Christian X Statue

Today is my last day in Copenhagen – a mellow Sunday beginning with a late Scandinavian-style breakfast and wonderful tolling church bells throughout the city! What a magical soothing sound when so many bells ring together in harmony!

Equestrian Statue of Frederik V

I’m just beginning to have a feel for Copenhagen. It takes a few dedicated days in one place to “get” the local vibes and begin to understand the culture. I met some interesting people at breakfast – visitors from Italy, an elderly American couple taking an overnight break from their cruise ship, a young Danish band of seven who were friendly but didn’t speak much English. The coffee was strong and food delicious – lots of fresh bread, fruit, and cheese! The European lifestyle is very comfortable.

I didn’t spend time studying transportation choices or mapping out the city’s attractions – just set out on foot to experience what might come.  It was a fulfilling, interesting day walking and of course stopping at cafes, galleries, museums, and other points of interest along the way.

Copenhagen is a “green” European city and there isn’t traffic congestion like in Lisbon and other European cities. Bicycles are everywhere – it’s how people get around.

The weather was cool – wonderful walking weather – with mostly dramatic, overcast skies which made a great backdrop for the majestic buildings and sailboats. Previously thought I would be sailing, not walking. The change in plans has given me time to focus on the city of Copenhagen, and I’m grateful for that.

Some photos taken today are attached. My favorite are the ones of the parks where the green is almost psychedelic! More later from Prague…

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