Prague Czech Republic

Charles Bridge

Without a doubt, Prague is one of my favorite cities – everything about it is special, and I’m so happy to be here again ;o)! My small Czech hotel is in a quiet residential district not far from the Castle Complex and Charles Bridge. It’s perfect and only two-minutes to tram connections.

Prague Vista

I arrived in Prague on May 8, the date of the V-E Day Celebration, also called Victory in Europe Day.  “The day signifies the victory of the Allied forces against the Axis forces at the end of World War II in 1945.” The Czech Republic celebrates this day as the day they were freed from Nazi rule.

Girl with Bubbles

Today I purchased a 30-day transportation pass for about $24. It takes me anywhere, including outlying areas I didn’t explore during a visit in 2013. Enjoyed blending and interacting with locals today and was spoken to in Czech, German, and French. ;o).

Blurred Selfie Charles Bridge

The weather is chilly and supposed to remain that way for a few days and then warm up during the weekend. I don’t mind the cool weather, but Air Berlin lost my baggage and I only have one set of clothes – thank goodness it includes a jacket. The luggage still hasn’t appeared but the hotel says this happens often and that it will eventually show up….

Charles Bridge

The hotel said to try to avoid Air Berlin in the future – how was I to know? I’m taking it in stride but the luggage has things intended to last for a year of traveling. It will be upsetting if they don’t eventually turn up. Don’t want to dwell on it or let that dampen the sheer delight of being back in beautiful Prague!

Prague Vista

There is a popular jazz club U Malého Glena nearby in Malá Strana and I stopped by this afternoon and reserved a seat for tomorrow night. Najponk Trio is performing and I’m excited. The talented pianist is said to have three drummers who take turns playing. It’s a small, intimate venue, and the audience and artists are close during performances.

Street Musicians Charles Bridge

There are lots of live performances in Prague during spring and summer. On Saturday evenings, classical music concerts are conducted at the beautiful Church of Our Lady before Týn. A Black Light Theatre performance and another concert at the Rondolfinum are also on the list.

Attached are some photos of Prague vistas taken today. More later….

Church of Our Lady before Týn


  1. Garrulous Gwendoline

    Oops, un-plannned stuff up #2. Chin up,old girl. Worst case scenario there are some cheap markets if memory serves me right, where you might grab a bargain priced outfit or two to tide you over. Wish I was there with you in Prague. I loved it, and the music was divine.

    1. suemtravels

      Some unsavory airline experiences so far this trip and people from the US think United is bad! Prague is very beautiful, interesting, fun, etc. etc. Afraid I may not want to leave!

      1. Garrulous Gwendoline

        We have some good friends work / worked for United. Sad to see the bad press they are getting, although not confined to them. Flying is no longer glamorous. Just a way of shifting a load of people from once place to another. But the destinations, such as Prague, are worth the drama. Enjoy!

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