Copenhagen Denmark

It’s been an interesting time in Denmark, different from what I expected. My itinerary changed suddenly forcing me to play things by ear in terms of accommodation and exploring. Curve balls create adventure, especially for solo travelers.

Koldinghus Castle
A few days ago, I took the train from the town of Vejle in Jutland back to Copenhagen. The Jutland peninsula is the biggest Danish area. It was an interesting 2.5-hour ride. Commuters were headed back to Copenhagen at the end of the business day. I spoke with a few friendly locals. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy.

For the past few days, I’ve been exploring the area surrounding Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district, a creative neighborhood sometimes compared to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. The neighborhood has underground art galleries and open studios. It’s near the Valby and Carlsberg Districts in the central part of the city.

The Little Mermaid
Valby is known for its beautiful green spaces including Vestre Cemetery and Valbyparken where there are popular outdoor concerts during summer. The stately tree-lined streets have “acted as scenery in many old Danish films”. The film production company Nordisk Film offers guided tours around their studios. Carlsberg is an art and culture district in the old Carlsberg brewery grounds near the meat-packing district called Kodbyenm.

Ceiling Lights Koldinghus Castle
Some attractions in the area include:

I’m attaching a mixture of photographs taken in Denmark. Portugal, Azores, and Denmark have been unique travel experiences. I’m leaving for Prague on Monday and happy to be staying in one place for several weeks!

Vejle Town Hall


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