Volcano Calbuco Bariloche Argentina

Ash Fall Volcano Calbuco
Ash Fall Volcano Calbuco

I’m still in Bariloche where the skies are clouded with volcanic ash – it looks like fog. I was out in the main part of town yesterday. People on the street are wearing face masks to keep from inhaling ash dust, and I bought one at the farmacia.


Am keeping posted on the latest but no one seems to know how much longer Volcano Calbuco will erupt or what other problems might occur – flooding from hot lava melting ice in the surrounding mountains. There have been two eruptions so far and apparently experts are expecting a third.

The attached map shows the ash fall area. Bariloche is close but not as close as Puerto Montt and El Bolson. I was in Puerto Montt and Frutillar in late March, early April and can’t imagine how it is there now.

I rented a small apartment here in Bariloche for a week and will likely head to Buenos Aires next. Since I’m somewhat stranded wish I could at least see the spectacle – but visibility outside is very poor. The Bariloche airport is closed. I haven’t checked on buses yet. Meanwhile there is nothing to do but stay put and enjoy the adventure.

I’m getting to know some of my neighbors in the apartment complex in a great location right in the center of everything. Today will venture out again and explore. La Baita Theatro is about two blocks away from my apartment and I’m looking forward to attending a presentation and performance of Confianza Total (Total Confidence) on April 26th.

Bariloche is surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. There are many hiking areas and it’s a popular ski resort area in the winter. I had hoped to hike and rent a car to tour the lakes, but now that’s not possible for at least a few days. This is a link providing some details on the eruption and ash fall.

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