Cukráreň Konditorei Kormuth Bratislava Slovakia

Konditorei Kormuthdelikatesy

Konditorei Kormuth is unique in many ways, including its ceilings and walls graced with original Renaissance frescoes, complimented by 16th-19th century antique furniture! The delectable Old Town confectionery is on Sedlárská Street, located near Hlavne Namestie (main square), the Slovak National Theatre, and Maximillian’s Fountain, one of over 140 fountains in Bratislava!

Maximillian’s Fountain Main Square

The front of the pastry shop has floor-to-ceiling windows, so it’s almost like being outside, except you’re surrounded by magnificent paintings. History dates back to before the war and during the period of Slovak socialism 1969-1990. After 1990, the pastry shop was renovated by the current owner.

Pastry Display Konditorei Kormuth

The divine cakes are made with the finest ingredients, including “supreme jams with the highest content of fruit, free-range eggs, proper butter, the best French chocolate, authentic walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts from Piemonte, and genuine marzipan”. The fresh lemongrass ginger tea was so delicious, I bought some to take home..

Antique Furniture Cukráreň Konditorei Kormuth – Facebook
Slovak National Theatre Old Town at Dusk

I’ll be in Bratislava until early November and am slowly learning my way around, as perfect autumn weather continues. The architecture is exquisite, and I’ve yet to visit the castles or explore the Danube River Promenade. There’s a lovely ambience in Bratislava, and Slovak Philharmonic, ballet, and opera performances are on my October agenda – with easily accessible venues via tram.

Slovak Philharmonic –
Konditorei Kormuth Tea, Coffee, Cake – Pinterest
St. Michael’s Tower Michael’s Gate

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    1. suemtravels

      Bratislava is an easy location for solo travelers, and I’ve been lazy lately. Restaurants are less expensive than Vienna, but they compensate by overcharging for any kind of drink. Some restaurants don’t have a wine list, unless you ask, so if you order a glass of red or white “house” wine with your meal, you’ll likely be shocked when you get the tab… Even a small pitcher of lemonade is expensive. Oh well… I’m headed for Zagreb in November and pondering where after that. Visited in 2013, but it was a rushed trip, so this will be a more leisurely stay. I’m thinking about Morocco in December but need to do some research and make sure it’s safe. I was there many years ago (before the travel blog), and it was an active trip trekking in the Atlas Mountains. Last night (early evening), as I was riding the tram home, I saw many police cars with sirens blasting headed toward the river. There was a shooting – two people killed and the shooter was later found floating in the Danube River – yikes! The local consulate even sent a bulletin email. Being from the US…… Hope all is well with you in Australia.

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