Puerto Natales Chile Glaciers, Fjords, Swans, and Wind

Puerto Bories
Puerto Bories
Landscape and Geography

Puerto Natales’ landscapes have fantastic geography, incredible light, and dramatic skies! The town is surrounded by Seno Ultima Esperenza (Last Hope Sound), Canal Señoret, and peaks of the Riesco Mountains, Paine Massif, and Southern Patagonia Ice Field Glaciers. It’s gorgeous beyond description!

Black-Necked Swans Canal Señoret
Birds and Rainbows

Many species of birds inhabit the area, including black-necked swans, penguins, and condors. I took a walk along the shoreline today to admire the swans and watch the sea birds getting lift from the wind. No matter what they’re doing – fishing, sunning, or goofing off – they simply spread their wings, lean back a little, and get a lift like a kite.

Puerto Bories
Puerto Bories

Another lovely thing about the area is the rainbows. In two days I’ve seen one or more rainbows every day. When they appear in pairs it’s unbelievable!

Serrano Glacier Ultima Esperanza Fjord – Flickr
Puerto Bories

My B&B is in Puerto Bories about two miles from the center of town along Ultima Esperenza Fjord. It’s peaceful and having the mountains and water visible every time you gaze out the window is a treat. There are several horse ranches, spas, and lodges along the shoreline.

Church Main Square

Puerto Bories is a great location. The only problem is getting back and forth to town. The taxis are reasonable, and I try to walk at least one way each time, but when the wind is blowing really hard, it’s tough.

Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales
Milodons and Puerto Natales

As you enter Puerto Natales there’s a large statue of a giant Milodon. I didn’t know about Milodons and honestly think they’re ugly-looking animals. They’re extinct giant sloths that roamed the primordial landscape of Chilean Patagonia. You can visit a Milodon cave near Puerto Natales.

Boats Fiordo Ultima Esperanza
Boats Fiordo Ultima Esperanza

As in other parts of Chile, lunch and dinner are served late in the day – after 2:00 p.m. for lunch and 8:00 or later for dinner. I’m finally getting into the swing and today had lunch at a popular restaurant for locals – La Picada De Carlitos. It was packed with Chilean families. Not sure if family lunches on Saturday are a regular thing here or if the Easter holiday has something to do with it.

Horse Ranch Puerto Bories

It was fun watching families with their rosy, fat-cheeked babies laughing and enjoying themselves. Everyone is friendly in Chile and the custom is to kiss people you greet on the cheeks. Chileans eat lots of meat and La Picada De Carlitos keeps them happy by serving what seemed like really large portions.

Puerto Natales Boardwalk
Torres del Paine

Many Torres del Paine tour offices were closed today to honor the Easter weekend. I will chill tomorrow and attend a lecture at one of the agencies on Monday. Every day of the week, a professional guide and lecturer discusses the transportation, accommodation, food, and trail options available. Apparently, one part of the W circuit closed in April due to bad conditions.

Moon at 8:30 a.m.

Wish I‘d visited Patagonia years ago and hiked the 62-mile Torres del Paine Circuit. That trek is beyond my reach now. It’s a summer trek, as a run of bad weather would clearly put a damper on things. As with all hiking, it’s essential to plan well before embarking on a Patagonia trek.

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