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Split View from Marjan Hill – The Crazy Tourist

Marjan (pronounced MARyan) is an exquisite hill on the Split peninsula. It overlooks Split and the Adriatic sea and is covered in a Mediterranean pine forest.

Bene Beach
Bene Beach Marjan

The area is a beloved park enjoyed by Split locals and tourists for picnics, weekend excursions, and recreation. Marjan has hiking trails, beaches, jogging paths, tennis courts, a zoo, and the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries.

Split Peninsual Rovinj Fenomeni
Split Peninsula – Rovinj Fenomeni

Sweeping views from Marjan include the entire city of Split, surrounding islands, and the mountains of Mosor and Kozjak part of the Dinaric Alps. I’ve visited Marjan several times and plan to go back again. The entrance is a short climb from the beautiful Split riva (boardwalk).

Pine Forest
Pine Forest

“In ancient times Emperor Diocletian built his palace near Marjan and organized areas close by as parks. There’s a rustic 13th century AD church on Marjan dedicated to St. Nicholas, a favorite saint of the many fishermen in Split.”

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The 15th century church of St. Jerome lies along Marjan’s south rim. Directly above and behind St. Jerome are a group of Renaissance hermitage caves built into the cliffs. Split’s old Jewish cemetery is on the eastern slopes of Marjan.

Hermitage Caves Marjan Hill – dreamstime

The Meštrović Gallery is on the south side of Marjan. It’s the former villa of Ivan Meštrović, considered “one of the greatest sculptors of religious subjects since the Renaissance”. I’ll visit the famous gallery later today.

Mestrović Gallery
Meštrović Gallery

On Friday evening I leave Split and head north to Zagreb via train. The glorious weather and time spent in Split has been a highlight of this trip!


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