Mouille Point Atlantic Seaboard Cape Town South Africa

Aerial View Mouille Point – Offset
Mouille Point

For several months, I’ve been living in Mouille Point (moo-lee) situated along the Atlantic Ocean. It’s near Sea Point, Green Point Park, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, and Cape Town Stadium. So far, Cape Town’s winter has been mild with warm sunny days.

Mouille Point and Surrounding Areas
Mouille Point and Surrounding Areas
Atlantic Seaboard Promenade and Green Point Park

Mouille Point is a small active neighborhood with a paved seaboard promenade on one side and urban Green Point Park on the other. Every day visitors frequent the popular area, including joggers, walkers, baby strollers, skaters, and cyclists.

Mouille Point Promenade
Mouille Point Promenade
Kayakers and Seabirds

Mouille Point is a “put-in” spot for sea kayakers. Points along the seaboard are also popular with surfers (wet suits essential) and divers. Seabirds that circle overhead include cormorants, giant albatross, and seagulls. Hadeda Ibis hang out on the other side in Green Point Park making their loud and distinctive haa-haa-haa-de-dah call.

Heavisides Dolphin
Heaviside’s Dolphin
Black-Browed Albatross
Seals, Penguins, Dolphins, and Whales

Seals, penguins, endemic Heaviside’s dolphins, and even an occasional right whale visit the coastline. I’ve been continually entertained and amazed by Mouille Point’s sea life, sights, smells, sometimes violent surf, and indescribable sunsets! The Promenade is equally enchanting during sunny and overcast days.

Kayaker Sunset Mouille Point
Kayaker Sunset Mouille Point
Green Point Common

Green Point Common lies slightly inland on the other side of Mouille Point next to Cape Town Stadium. The green haven includes soccer fields, duck ponds, children’s playgrounds, a golf course, and Green Point Biodiversity Garden and Urban Park.

Green Point Park Pond
Duck Pond at Green Point Park
Shipwreck History

“The name ‘Mouille’ comes from the French word for a marine anchoring ground. In the 18th century, during violent storms ships were often swept ashore in Cape Town’s Table Bay. In 1743 the governor decided to build a breakwater (mouille in French) to protect anchored vessels. Work began when farmers who delivered goods to the city were required to load up their wagons with stones, drive to Mouille Point, and offload them into Table Bay.”

S. A. Seafarer
S. A. Seafarer

“Braving dangerous high seas, slaves and convicts toiled building the breakwater. After three years of hard labor they had completed a mere 100 m (110 yards) and the project was abandoned. In 1781, the French arrived and built a battery near the unfinished mouille, naming it Mouille Point Battery.”

Cape Town Stadium
Cape Town Stadium
SS South African Seafarer

In 1966, despite nearby lighthouses, during a fierce winter storm the SS South African Seafarer ran aground between Mouille Point and Three Anchor Bay. Everybody on board was rescued by helicopters from South Africa’s Ysterplaat Air Force Base.

White Horse Whiskey
Kevin Brand Sculptor

The City of Cape Town commissioned sculptor Kevin Brand to create a piece for the Sea Point Promenade recalling his memory of the Seafarer running aground.

White Horse Sculpting Sea Point Promenade

“At the sculpture’s unveiling, Brand explained that the ship’s cargo contained miniature white plastic horses associated with a supply of White Horse Whiskey being transported by the ship. The crashing of the Atlantic Ocean washed these little white horses on shore and scattered them around the beach where he and many others delighted in finding the tiny treasures. The horses are on concrete bases and positioned along the promenade at angles which suggest a ‘washed-up’ feeling.”

Sea Point Promenade – AFAR
Green Point Park Walkway
Green Point Park Walkway

Green Point Lighthouse later replaced Mouille Point Lighthouse. Traditionally a new lighthouse cannot take the name of an older one. Today Green Point Lighthouse is a popular landmark and its red-stripes brighten the promenade.

Cape Town Stadium from Green Point Park
Cape Town Stadium from Green Point Park

Shipwrecks along Mouille Point include the Royal Mail Steamer Athens, which ran aground in 1865 during The Great Table Bay Gale 17 May. The colossal gale wrecked seventeen ships! The iron engine block of the Athens is visible off shore. It’s possible to dive the wreck which has been “salvaged” for over 150 years! The Athens wreck is said to be badly broken up and overgrown with kelp and sea urchins.

Hadeda Ibis
Hadeda Ibis

Since spice traders began sailing around Cape Point, Cape Town’s storms have famously claimed many ships. Some were “lost to the sea” while others are visible and accessible to divers. The remains of many shipwrecks can still be seen resting on beaches along the Cape Peninsula’s coastline.

Green Point Garden
Green Point Garden Flower
Green Point Common

“In the 18th century Green Point Common was known by the Dutch as De Waterplaats (the Foreshore). It extended from Three Anchor Bay to Cape Town and included most of the land towards Sea Point and the coastline. The Union Government granted Green Point Common to Cape Town City Council in 1923.”

Ducks Green Point Garden
Duck Pond Green Point Garden

“The Common has a colorful history as a sports field and recreation site for Capetonians. Horse races were held at Green Point Common until Kenilworth Racecourse took its place. Sailing regattas ran along the promenade, and at the turn of the century, the area hosted an Imperial Exhibition. The Common was also a venue for some of the Cape’s earliest rugby and cricket matches, and the Green Point Track was important for cycling and track and field sports.”

Promenade Cyclists
Promenade Cyclists
Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town Stadium replaced Green Point Stadium and was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Today it’s the home ground of two Premier Soccer League clubs – Ajax Cape Town and Cape Town City. The stadium has hosted competitions like the HSBC Sevens World Rugby Series.

V and A Waterfront
Victoria and Albert Waterfront

After the FIFA World Cup, the Business Venture Investments 1317 consortium was awarded the service contract to manage the stadium and ensure that it remained a sustainable multi-purpose venue. In 2016, the group still manages the stadium.

RMS Athens

Cape Town Stadium is available for concerts and other venues and can host from 10 or less to 55,000 people. Spaces for rent include a presidential suite, mixing lounge, business zone, playing courts, and conference rooms. It was recently used to host a concert by American singer Mariah Carey.


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