Asian Celebration Eugene Oregon

This weekend is the 27th Oregon Asian Celebration The festival began in 1986 as an Asian community celebration to better acquaint Asian Americans with one another and instill cultural pride and appreciation for Asian heritage.

“The mission of the Oregon Asian Celebration is enhancing appreciation of Asian and Asian American cultural heritage by featuring a broad representation of Asian entertainment, foods, crafts, art, and other aspects of Asian cultures that are appealing to all ages. The two-day event takes place at the spacious Lane Events Center at the fairgrounds in Eugene, OR. Partner activities are often scheduled on other days as part of the festival.”

Visitors enjoy colorfully adorned dancers, listen to traditional instruments of Japan, China, Indonesia, the Middle East, and Hawaii, smell the aroma of Asian delicacies, and taste an array of popular food favorites only available at the event once a year.

Friendship with Cambodia will have a booth featuring hand-made fair trade crafts at the Asian Celebration this weekend. The organization buys “directly from Cambodian non-profit craft organizations that offer training in self-sustaining job skills for people facing life challenges from landmine injuries, domestic violence, sex-trafficking, AIDs, and poverty. The craft producers receive a fair wage.

Proceeds from the sale of craft products also support humanitarian programs in Cambodia including a shelter for street children, trafficking prevention, women’s loan programs, and more.”

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