Prague Czech Republic September 2021

Wenceslas Square Nové Město –

It’s exciting being in Prague again! I previously visited the city in 2013 and 2017. The trip from Athens was painless. If you complete paperwork online before departure, it’s easy to present printed QR codes or access them from your smartphone.

Prague Castle Complex and Charles Bridge – Czech Universities

After arrival, I was shocked when some of the first news I heard was that the EU is considering a covid-related ban on all non-essential travel from the US. Guess I’ll see how that plays out.

Church of St. Nicholas Prague – Photo Dmitry Goykolo

During previous trips to Prague, I stayed in different areas of the city. This time, my apartment is in Nové Město, one of Prague’s five main boroughs, a three-minute walk from the Czech National Museum and Wenceslas Square. The apartment’s architecture is 19th century Renaissance Revival, reconstructed in 2016 by Italian architects. It’s reasonably priced, spacious, and private, with fantastic high ceilings. The gorgeous building is soundproof, so it’s very peaceful and there’s no noise, unless you open the windows. Nearby buildings are also beautiful!

H7 Apartments Nové Město Prague –

I’m slowly getting oriented, got a local SIM card, and located nearby metro and tram lines. During my first outing, I took the right tram, but in the wrong direction… Oh well, the area where I got lost was interesting! I’m delighted to find that Prague is a much less expensive city than Athens. Czech Republic is part of the EU, but local currency is the Czech Koruna.

Prague National Museum – Getting Stamped

There are many interesting activities in Prague. So far, I’ve booked a jazz club, an opera, and a Prague Philharmonic concert. The Vienna Philharmonic is performing at the Prague Rudolfinum, Dvořák Hall. Galleries and museums entertain with never-ending exhibitions, but just wandering the neighborhoods is amusing. I’ll concentrate on outdoor activities while the weather remains nice.

Narodni Muzeum – Prague Residences

The weather in Progue is cooler than Greece! There was light rain when I arrived, but the forecast is clear and sunny for the next week – mid 70s (20s Celsius) with 40s to 50s (5 – 10 Celsius) at night. Extreme heat in Athens was uncomfortable, so I’m happy to be in a cooler climate! I’ll be here through September.

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    1. suemtravels

      Hi Gwen – I didn’t see that news, too bad, as Theodorakis was such huge figure in Greek Culture and Identity. Love the cooler weather in Prague!!! :o) Finally getting my bearings and figuring out how to get around again – the first few days, I wasn’t even sure how to find the Vltava!

      1. Garrulous Gwendoline

        As long as you didn’t fall in it, all was right with the world. And as much as Theodorakis will be sadly missed, you may also be glad you’ve missed what Greece will look like for the next three days.

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