Uganda Mountain Gorillas

I decided to reblog this March 2016 post. Seeing mountain gorillas in the wild is unforgettable and a favorite travel memory!

Uganda is again experiencing violence over opposition to current President Yoweri Museveni, who has maintained power since 1986. I posted about Uganda elections in 2016. Current protests are by supporters of presidential candidate and former pop star Bobi Wine. They clashed with Museveni’s security forces “over Wine’s arrest during the worst unrest in the East African country in a decade”.

Bobi Wine Politician, Presidential Candidate, and Former Pop Star – Al Jazeera


Our close encounter with Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas was an exciting highlight of the long safari – BIG smile! Gorillas are extremely endangered, but Uganda is home to a vibrant and growing population of over 800. The Wildlife Authority maintains camps where these magnificent creatures live peacefully within man-made borders.

Bwindi National Park –

Mountain Gorilla Camps

Mountain gorilla habituation takes a grueling 2-3 years. Inside camps thirteen groups are habituated for human trekking. Uganda’s neighbors, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, also have mountain gorilla camps. Visitors need permission to enter gorilla camps. The Government issues a limited number of permits and collects fees used to fund conservation.

bweza-silverback-mishaya Mishaya – Bweza Silverback

Different gorilla families live in the groups. The Kyaguriro Group lives in Ruhija, a camp for research and habituation. We tracked the Bweza Family living in the Rushaga area of Uganda’s

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