Cape Town Comedy Club

The Pumphouse –

During my time in Cape Town, I’m hiking easy to moderate Table Mountain trails and enjoying the Mother City’s talented performing arts community. There are a variety of live performances available – each unique and outstanding.

Last night was my first visit to the Cape Town Comedy Club – the city’s “dedicated comedy venue”. I had no idea what to expect, but knew the club was popular. I got lost trying to find it. In daylight it would be easy, at night the V&A Waterfront’s maze of parking garages and roundabouts was confusing. I didn’t have a specific street address – the GPS got muddled and so did I. Now I know the club is simply across the street from Cape Town Ferris Wheel with its spectacular 360-degree views of Table Bay!

Glen Biderman-Pam Comedian – Cape Town Comedy Club

I arrived embarrassingly late to what appeared to be a full house. I was expecting a performance by Goliath and Goliath – an award-winning South African comedy group. Instead, four hilarious comedians performed:

Charles Tertiens Comedian – Cape Town Comedy Club

Their characterizations of Americans were relentlessly scathing. I laughed hoping I didn’t share too many of the shameless traits they portrayed. With an extended visa I’ve traveled to South Africa frequently for several years. The few Americans encountered were subdued, if not shy. Today, it’s tricky being American. My accent has become a little skewed – something that can happen when traveling out of your home country for extended periods of time. People have asked if I’m Australian (?) or British.

Mel Jones Comedian – Cape Town Comedy Club

The comedians weren’t the least bit stingy with their interpretations. Their witty plays – Germans, Americans, Canadians, Dutch, Jews, fellow South African comedian Trevor Noah, whites in general, South African whites in particular, and South African cities, neighborhoods, and townships – were side-splitting. Some South African nuances were above my head, but having recently spent three months in Berlin – the comedic characterizations of Germans were especially funny :).

Kristel Zweers Comedian – Cape Town Comedy Club

The audience was mostly South African with a few foreigners / tourists. I was one of two solo tables in the audience – something I’ve gotten used to in my travels that doesn’t stop me from attending performances on my own.

Goliaths – Nicholas, Jason, Donovan

Cape Town Comedy Club is part of the Pumphouse Restaurant & Bar. It’s in the historic Pumphouse Building with “soaring ceilings, original stone walls, and cozy tables spread out around a generous stage”. The building is where the “first dynamo was installed to illuminate Table Bay Harbour”.

The Pumphouse V&A Waterfront


“The Pumphouse dates back to 1892 and is so named because it was used to pump water from Robinson Dry Dock.”


Cape Town Comedy Club – People Magazine voted Cape Town Comedy Club “one of the ten best comedy clubs in the world”. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

Fugard Theatre – Wikimedia Commons

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to attending another favorite Cape Town venue – Fugard Theatre. Their production of John Kani’s Kunene and The King, a “two men in one show about 25 years of SA democracy”, plays through May 25.

Kunene and the King – Twitter

More later…

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