Salvador Dalí Museum Berlin

The Persistence of Memory 1931 Salvador Dalí

Berlin’s Salvador Dalí Museum is a permanent exhibition at Potsdamer Platz. With over 450 original artworks by Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, it provides insight into his “virtuosity and mastership of almost all art techniques”.

Salvador Dali Theater Museum Figueres Spain
Dali Genius

I had no idea what a diverse artist Dalí was. The exhibits include illustrations, original lithographs, sculpting, photography, xylographs, drypoint etchings, mixed-media graphics, héliogravures, Olympic medals, jewelry, and even a short film. Videos placed throughout the museum illustrate techniques Dali used to create his versatile artworks.

Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí Surrealism Paintings Photo Gallery


“Dali studied psycho-analysis and the works of Sigmund Freud before joining the Surrealists. The faithful transcription of dreams has always played a major role in Dali’s paintings.”


Although I’m not a big Dalí fan, his Surrealistic paintings are fascinating, and this exhibit gave me new appreciation of his art and creativity. Dali is considered a genius. In addition to avant-garde paintings, Dalí also created landscapes and portraiture. This is a list of Dali’s works created between 1913 and 1983.


“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”  Salvador Dali


Salvador Dalí The Great Masturbator 1929

70 Years of Dali Artwork

The Berlin museum is a great introduction to Dalí’s complex world. Over 70 years he produced 1160 artworks and even illustrated his own life for the opening of the Dalí Theater Museum in Figueres Spain!

The Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee 1944 Salvador Dalí
Boat 1918 Salvador Dalí


“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” Salvador Dali


Soft Construction with Boiled Beans 1936 –

The Elephants 1948 Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali Still Life –


“Surrealist artists rejected the rational in art. Instead they aimed to channel the unconscious to unlock the power of imagination.”


The Burning Giraffe 1937 Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dali Still Life Sandia 1924 –
Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 Salvador Dali
Christ of St. John of the Cross 1951 Salvador Dali
Dali Symbolism

Dali used extensive symbolism in his art. Recurring “images include elephants with brittle legs which evoke weightlessness; ants, thought to be his symbol for decay and death; and melting watches, perhaps symbolic of the non-linear human perception of time“.

Tuna Fishing 1967 Salvador Dalí
Swans Reflecting Elephants 1937 Salvador Dalí


Dali became the “most influential Surrealist artist and perhaps the most renowned twentieth century painter after Pablo Picasso”.


Galatea of the Spheres 1952 Salvador Dalí
Lobster Telephone 1936 Salvador Dalí

The museum contains so much info, it’s likely I’ll visit again. Some of Dalí’s most famous paintings include:

A Shower of Jasmine 1954 Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí Surrealist