Oregon Respite

Enjoying every moment of my quiet Oregon respite!

Plants in bloom, deer and squirrels everywhere, and the wild turkeys are in mating season (I think). Every time I see a spectacular tom strutting his stuff, I don’t have a camera… Their gobble is impressive and loud.

Wild Tom Turkey

I’m planning the next travel adventure but cherishing the sleepy, wonderful rest and tranquility of Oregon – to be followed by more exciting foreign destinations!


    1. suemtravels

      Really hope we can meet up while you’re here! I’ve been disgustingly lazy since returning to my comfortable little place but looking forward to more adventure soon. Hope your time in the US is fantastic Gwen!

  1. Sue

    Can’t remember if this is your first visit to California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska – if so, you can cross it off your bucket list, or not… Somehow I NEVER got Africa of my list and there are still so many countries to visit!

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