Prague Jazz Boat

Prague at Dusk

A Jazz Boat Cruise sounded like a touristy evening, but I decided to book it anyway to experience Prague by night from the Vltava. Scenery during the three-hour cruise was magnificent and the company, music, and meal were great.

Jazz Boat Kotva

I shared a table with an Israeli couple, Gurami and Shira, visiting Prague to celebrate their twelfth wedding anniversary, and a young Swiss flight attendant, Stewart, who was in Prague for the first time. They were fun and we enjoyed talking and sharing travel experiences.

Jazz Trio

The trio – saxophone, drums, and bass – played several sets and were very good. The British sax player provided dry, humorous narrative making everyone laugh. It was incredibly beautiful seeing Prague from the Vltava at night – a shining jewel!

This is my last week in Prague. I’ll be leaving May 29th for a several weeks in Rome and have pre-booked a few activities, including a day-long group bike tour around major sites. Not being much of a cyclist, it will be interesting to see how I hold up. The bikes are full-suspension electronic so guess that’s cheating a bit ;o) but I can use a boost!


brown and black concrete bridge during night

One Comment

  1. Garrulous Gwendoline

    I never learned to ride a bicycle (the measure of a extremely deprived childhood :-) ) and despite several attempts, have never mastered it as an adult. So that cuts me out of a lot of interesting looking tours. I’ll be fascinated to hear how it works in Rome. Happy travelling!


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