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Skyline Prague Jewish Quarter (Josefov)

The weather in Prague has been perfect for roaming, so each day I take a new walking excursion – on my own or with one of the many guided tours available. I often avoid organized tours because of the vast amount of info provided so quickly and the dizzying speed of the 3+ hour walks. I prefer researching the area in advance, walking at a leisurely pace, and stopping along the way to linger at points of interest.

Holešovice Building

The positive side of group tours is meeting new people and getting a local perspective. Most guides are young, and their narrative and comments are always interesting, educational, and upbeat. Often, they share the compelling experiences of parents and grandparents who participated in major historical events.

Prague National Gallery Kinsky Palace

Out-of-The Way Parks and Gardens

Off the beaten path walks in Prague are the best! A few days ago, I explored a series of less-frequented parks and gardens, following a path along the left-bank of the Vltava River. Except for a few sets of steep stairways, the five-mile walk wasn’t difficult. The views were incredible!

Skyline Spires

I began at Strossmayerovo Square in Holešovice, ascended to Letná Park, Hanavský Pavilion, and continued along the river to Prague Castle. I’ll revisit Petřín Hill and Kinský Garden another day, as I explored both several years ago. A few months into the trip, I’m beginning to get a little photo weary – but took a few decent shots. It was an overcast day.

Detail Astronomical Clock Old Town Square

The spectacular neo-Gothic Church of St. Anthony of Padua at Strossmayerovo Square is the central hub of Holešovice. Letná Park stretches from Holešovice to the Castle area. The park’s well-maintained landscaping and flowerbeds are a lush green!

St. Nicholas Church Old Town Square

I passed the huge red Metronome which replaced a statue of Joseph Stalin that was dynamited and removed in 1962. “The seven-ton metronome installed in 1991 is a symbol of Prague’s new era.” Today, the area near the metronome is a frequented by skateboarders and one of their favorite spots.

Metronome Letna Park – jetsettingfools.com
Jiří-Srnec Black Theatre Founder

Hanavský Pavilion seemed a good place for a leisurely lunch. It’s a spectacular cast iron Dutch Baroque style structure with Art Nouveau detail and panoramic views of the city! The Pavilion was originally a “product showcase” for ironworks owned by Prince William Hanavský for the Prague Jubilee Exhibition.

Dining Area Hanavsky Pavilion
Hanavský Pavilion – Pinterest
View from Hiking Trail

Next I walked by Kramář’s Villa, the Czech prime minister’s residence, not open to the public, and Chotkovy Sady with a monument to Czech poet, prose writer, and playwright Julius Zeyer.

Chotkovy Gardens
Church of St. Anthony of Padua

Group Tour – Prague’s Old Town and New Town

The fast-paced group tour concentrated on Prague’s heavily-touristed Old and New Town areas and quickly covered major historical sites. There were about 25 people in the group and one young guide. I have walked this route before and resigned myself to the fact I could not remember all the details provided so quickly. We were moving fast so taking photos was challenging. Some of the sites visited included:

Prague Estates Theatre
Hiking Trail Steps to the Metronome

During the tour, our guide reminded us about the volatile political history of the Czech people. Although I have a better understanding of what the Czechs endured now, it’s a vast subject requiring research to comprehend.

Church of Our Lady before Týn

I purchased a ticket for a performance of the original Black Light Theatre on Thursday night. Jiří Srnec, “Czech playwright, set designer, composer, manager and founder of the world-famous Black Theater,” directs the production.

View from Above

Sadly, since many performances begin in June, I couldn’t get a ticket for the renovated Prague Estates Theatre. The renowned theatre has a variety of performances from drama to opera. They’re performing Mozart’s Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro.

Synagogue Josefov


  1. Garrulous Gwendoline

    I just had a quick check back on my posts from Prague and other things I “enjoyed” were the Museum of Communism, and the church with the Infant Jesus of Prague (as a contrast), and also the Obecni Dom. I thought I had done a self-guided walking tour with an iPod, but I can’t seem to find that, so I may have my cities mixed up. There is so much to see. I had previously been in 1978 so the change from rationing to rampant consumerism was startling.

  2. Marilyn S Meyers

    You’re right – there is so much to see! Have not seen any of those places yet but got lost on the way back to my hotel last night and ended up walking the whole of Old Town until I recognized a Metro station ;o( felt like an idiot…. The beer here is so good and although I’m usually not much of a beer drinker…. Need to walk at least 5 miles a day to work of the beer pounds!! They have lots of those self-guided tours via iPhone in Cape Town. They’re great!

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