Cape Town Magic Club

Magic Club Theatre
Magic Club Theatre

It was a magnetic performance last night at Cape Town Magic Club! When the evening began I had no idea what to expect. As the show progressed I was riveted by the sensational trickery of three seasoned magicians. The tiny dark theatre with a mysterious layer of theatrical smoke and a few well-placed mirrors made it tough to catch a clever magician’s sleight of hand.

Magic Club Lounge
Magic Club Lounge

The informal club operates in City Centre in the cellar of The Cape Town Club. It seats less than 50 people. I won’t elaborate on specifics of the magic performed last night but highly recommend the Magic Club – a fun and entertaining evening.

Magic Club Bar
Magic Club Black Bar

The spring evening was cool and mysteriously misty. I parked on Keerom Street, a dimly-lit cobblestone alley behind the theatre.

Keerom Street
Keerom Street

Cape Town Club was created in 1976 by merging two of the city’s oldest clubs from the 1800s – the City Club and Civil Service Club. The stylish Club is near beautiful Company’s Garden and the Cape Town High Court. The restaurant, QVS18, has views of Table Mountain and a balcony overlooking Queen Victoria Street.

Foyer Cape Town Club

Last night the three performing magicians were Marcel Oudejans, Greg Gelb, and Ryan Jones. Each magician was phenomenal. They kept the audience totally engaged and on the edge of our seats!

Marcel Oudejans – Magician, Producer and Host

“Marcel is highly regarded for his comedy-infused magic and has performed professionally as a corporate event entertainer for well over a decade.

Marcel Oudejans
Marcel Oudejans Magician

Marcel performs internationally and throughout Southern Africa, recently in Ukraine and Namibia. He represented South Africa at India’s Vismayam Magic Convention.

Marcel’s clients include hundreds of blue-chip corporate audiences, high-profile executives, international conferences, casinos, and luxury hotels. He also produced and performed three one-man shows (Sleight of Mouth 1, Sleight of Mouth 2, and Curious Things) at the annual National Arts Festival Fringe and Cape Town Fringe Festivals.

Audience participation forms an important part of his magic shows. Volunteers become instant partners in his astonishing act. During the show Marcel produces objects, reads minds, and helps volunteers perform magic of their own. Long after the event is over and audiences leave the performance they are still laughing from sheer surprise and enjoyment of the show.”

Greg Gelb Magician

“Greg has wooed people with his magic and humor since he was 9 years old. Born and bred in the heart of Cape Town, he grew up with no formal magical training. Self-taught, he learned the craft and began reading books about magic from cover to cover, practicing on anyone who would stop and give their attention to his magic.

Greg Gelb Magician
Greg Gelb Magician

Greg has the chops, personality, and warmth that make for a great stage presence. He takes you on a mystical and mysterious journey. Remember the amazement felt when you watched the magician at the Spur pull a coin from your ear? Remember the feeling of astonishment when you saw your first magic trick? Those feelings are what you feel when you sit down with Greg. Nothing matters except you and the tools he uses to blow your mind.

QVS18 Restaurant Cape Town Club

Greg has worked for many corporations. Most recently he is the resident magician at The Thirsty Scarecrow in Stellenbosch. Greg performed at the Cape Town Magic Club in April 2016 as a guest performer, and he has returned to the scene for season 2. Be prepared to be amazed, amused, astonished, and astounded as you join Greg on his journey of magic and mystery.”

Ryan Jones Magician

“An award-winning graduate of the College of Magic Ryan Jones is a mysterious and unique performer involved in the world of magic for more than a decade. At a young age, he jetted off to Las Vegas, the world capital of magic, to perform for celebrities.

Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Magician

Ryan is a full-time Industrial Designer and his creativity shines through in all his magic. Ryan seeks to amaze, puzzle, and shock his audiences. He will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting more! But be careful, the closer you look, the less you will see…”

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