Quito Ecuador Ciudad Hermosa!

La Merced
El Panecillo

The last few days have been fun exploring Quito! On the way to old town, I met an American, Tim, who lives in La Mariscal district. He was happy to find someone to talk with in English – me too.


Tim helped me crack the Quito transportation system. It seemed beyond my mental capacity but within a few minutes I understood his explanation of how to get around the city using the three major sources of public transportation – it’s easy!

Basilica of the National Vow

Tim is a chef and retired military medic who spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq, including Baghdad. He opened a restaurant – Spanish cuisine – in La Mariscal but recently sold to a French chef who converted it into a tapas bar.

This blog post is another mishmash of photos. These were taken in the historical part of Quito. I was feeling burnt out about taking photos but after seeing these buildings and vistas couldn’t resist – such a beautiful place! The puppies being sold near Plaza Grande were adorable – hope they find a kind and loving home.

San Francisco Church

More in a few days from Tena in the rainforest.


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