Athens Greece Technopolis Jazz Festival

Michaela Rabitsch, Robert Pawlik
Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik

On the way to the Technopolis Jazz Festival last night, another austerity demonstration affected transportation near Syntagma Square. The riot police closed the Syntagma Metro station, making it complicated to get around central Athens.

Performers Technopolis Jazz Festival

It was interesting watching people diverted from their intended route on the underground randomly pack into other trains. I chatted with locals on their way to Gazi and overheard comments about the police using tear gas to quash protestors.

Yorgos Krommydas Modern Jazz Quintet
Yorgos Krommydas Modern Jazz Quintet

The Gazi district comes alive at night when its imperfections are hidden by music, lights, and artists displaying their crafts. It’s a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Yorgos Krommydas Modern Jazz Quintet
Yorgos Krommydas Modern Jazz Quintet

The jazz festival was an eclectic gathering – from beautiful, stylish young Athenians strolling by or hanging off slowly moving motorcycles, to gay and straight couples, tourists, weathered locals, street children selling overpriced wilted flowers, and interesting looking artists with grey hair and wrinkles. Everyone was natural and friendly – a fun atmosphere. I had a light meal before the music began and found a spot at a restaurant along the main thoroughfare – great for crowd watching.

Serrano, Lechner
Serrano & Lechner

“After 12 successful years the  Jazz festival opened its doors to the rest of the world in 2013 as the International Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival. It’s a great celebration of jazz music hosting musicians from all over the world.”

Contemporary Noise Sextet
Contemporary Noise Sextet

The venue takes place over three days with three hours of music each night. The groups perform hour-long sets beginning at 9:00 pm and ending at midnight.

Ramon Valle Trio
Ramon Valle Trio

The performing artists were magnificent! The only issue was a lack of seating but it worked out with many people sitting along the cobbled street and cafés setting up tables around the perimeter. After another hot day the evening brought a cool breeze to the crowd. Enjoyed the time so much I’m planning to attend another performance tonight or Sunday. The jazz festival is free to the public. I wanted to have a photo taken with the Big Band’s piano player but it didn’t happen… His playing was fantastic!

Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival

The festival includes jazz groups from 12 countries – Portugal, Israel, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Austria, Ireland, and The Netherlands. One group called the PIIGS has band members from – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain.

City of Athens Big Band
City of Athens Big Band

The festival features the most representative groups and ensembles in jazz. All performers are well established worldwide and present a brilliant and satisfying range of music genres. Unfortunately there were no groups from the US.


These are some of the talented performers participating:

  • Big Band – Athens
  • Laurent Filipe Ar Trio – Portugal
  • Phronesis – Denmark
  • Serrano & Lechner – Spain
  • Contemporary Noise Sextet – Poland
  • Yorgos Krommydas Modern Jazz Quintet – Greece
  • Roman Gomez trio – Argentina
  • Shai Maestro Feat – Israel
  • Michaela Rabitsch & Robert Pawlik – Austria
  • Ramon Valle Trio – The Netherlands

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