Turkey to Greece



On Sunday I leave Turkey and travel from Bodrum to the Greek Islands of Kos and Rodos. Bodrum’s summer ferries to Rodos begin in late May. You must connect via Kos with several hours layover before continuing to Rodos.



The ferry from Bodrum to Kos takes less than an hour, and the trip from Kos to Rodos is about two hours. I’ll spend the night in Rodos and travel to Santorini the next day. The ferry from Rodos to Santorini is 7 hours, depending on the sea.

Athens from Mt. Likavitos

Athens from Mt. Likavitos

Am hoping the sea in Greece is warmer than Turkey for swimming and snorkeling. While in Bodrum I’ve been out on the sea several times. The sun is very hot but the Aegean is freezing! It’s Ok to swim and snorkel for about 15 – 20 minutes but not much longer. I’m taking a scuba diving course tomorrow and we will wear wet suits.



After Santorini I visit Athens before heading north into Eastern Europe but haven’t decided my exact travel route yet. Following countries north to wherever I end up sounds logical… I pre-purchased Eurail passes that can be used in Slovenia, Austria, and Czech Republic. Even with a pass you still need to make reservations on many of the trains.

I’ve heard the summers in Eastern Europe are not as crowded as destinations like Italy, Spain, Germany, and France. Really hope that’s the case since I haven’t made any reservations. It’s been a wonderful visit in Turkey. I’ve learned so much even though there are many areas I didn’t explore – thought it best to avoid the Syrian and Iranian borders. The time spent here in Turkey these past 2 months has enriched my life and I cherish the experience.

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