Bodrum Turkey Street Art

Street Art

There’s abundant, interesting street art to enjoy in Bodrum! I discover new delights every day and during one outing met some local artists working on mosaics to grace the city center.


Local artist Neslihan Zabci Erdal has a studio in Ortakent. I visited Neslihan’s studio  where you can attend mosaic workshops in the summer. Examples of her art are in this post. She uses different mediums including painting, mosaics, sculpture, ceramics, and graphic design! Neslihan lived in Berkeley and other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area before returning to Turkey.

Street-Art-41neslihan12neslihan5neslihan1Street Sculptureneslihan4neslihan2Street Art4street art 6turkish artist4street art8Street Art3neslihan11neslihan9neslihan7street art11neslihan6

Since retirement I’ve taken drawing and painting classes but still struggle with finding the right medium. Learning to paint water is on my “to do” list!


Lingering for a while in a foreign country is a beautiful experience. Un-rushed free time allows you to adjust to a new environment, forget yourself, and pick up on local nuances often missed during a more hurried journey.

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