Turkey’s Datça Saturday Market

Turkish Vendors

Turkish Vendors



Datça comes alive on Saturday mornings partly because of its outdoor market. Vendors set up their stalls under a white canopy that covers several city blocks along the main drag. It’s an incredible display of flowers, live chicks for sale, fruit, vegetables, nuts, spices, honey, clothing, and handicrafts. The area is a rich fruit, nut, spice, and vegetable bowl and on Saturday the farmers come to town to sell their goods.




Datça Vendor

There were many priceless faces in the crowd and I wished I were a better photographer so I could capture their expressions and character. I’ll be here for 10 more days so I bought fresh fruit and vegetables – great bargains! After taking the goodies back to my apartment I sampled a tomato that was so good – I went back to buy more!

Seal Sculpture

Seal Sculpture

Before and after shopping, the market crowd wanders down by the boardwalk. There are several small playgrounds for children. Dogs run wild soaking in the sun, chasing cats, and jostling with each other along the beach. The boardwalk cafés and restaurants offer even more goodies like tea, espresso, and pastries – it’s a pleasant, lighthearted atmosphere. The chocolate éclairs at the bakery next to my apartment are getting harder to resist. You could get spoiled hanging out here.


Datça Marina

Saturday was a clear but breezy day so the hot Mediterranean sun got cooled by a soft sea breeze. The people in Datça are happy and down-to-earth and their contentment with life shows. There’s a large mixed European community living here, and I discovered a few Italian cafés by the marina that have delicious pizza! I talked to some Italian locals and they offered advice on nearby sites to see and made suggestions for restaurants in the area. Lots of Italian, German, and French tourists were roaming around on Saturday.


Datça Harbor

The water in the harbor was such a beautiful blue! I took photos of some of the boats anchored along the boardwalk. Then, at about 4 pm everything became quiet as the crowd thinned out and headed home.

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