Platteklip Gorge, Kasteelspoort, Skeleton Gorge Cape Town

Platteklip Gorge – Mother City Hikers

Still trying to learn some nearby hiking trails on Table Mountain. When it’s not raining winter is a great time of year for hiking the mountain – especially the exposed areas which are hot in the summer sun. There are tons of hiking guides available all at around $75 for a short hike of about 4 hours or $100+ for longer steeper hikes. Guides get that fee easily and are often fully booked weeks in advance. Below are some of the trails I hope to learn.


Platteklip (Flat Stone) Gorge is the “nick” in the profile of Table Mountain. It’s the best known route up the mountain. To get there you go up the front face that overlooks the city. From Platteklip Gorge you can follow the cliffs above the city to Maclears Beacon which is the highest point on the mountain. If you’re pooped when you reach the top you can take the cableway down. The cableway is closed for maintenance but it opens again on August 1st.

Skeleton Gorge

Skeleton Gorge Table Mountain – BookMundi

Kasteelspoort (Castle’s Gateway) is a beautiful gorge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean side of Table Mountain. There are alternative routes down the gorge including exploring the reservoirs and the waterworks museum, following the 12 Apostles, or walking back to the cableway.

Kasteelspoort – TripAdvisor

Skeleton Gorge climbs Table Mountain on the back side above Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. Unlike Kasteelspoort Skeleton Gorge is thick with greenery. Once you get to the top there are several options for climbing back down.

Nursery Ravine View – Pinterest

There are many hiking clubs in Cape Town and different definitions of a moderate hike. There aren’t many flat hikes in the Western Cape, unless you choose the beach. Hoping to get over the Table Mountain orientation hump soon so I can get up in the morning, put on my hiking boots, and take off. Right now there is a bit of logistics involved getting to the right trailhead at the right time. Of course the ideal is meeting hiking companions who know Table Mountain. There will be less hiking time when I begin volunteering at Shine Literacy.

Skeleton Gorge – Biogarama

Skeleton Gorge

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