Muizenberg South Africa

I drove to Muizenberg today and spent several hours at the beach. Muizenberg has a gorgeous long sugar-white beach that stretches for 20 km (12 miles). It’s the longest beach in the area. It was a beautiful day but a bit nippy along the coast. Although it’s winter the weather has been sunny and warm and there were lots of people along the St. James coastal walk and several dozen surfers in the water. Interesting information boards posted along the way describe ancient voyages, shipwrecks, fish, kelp, whales, and early inhabitants of the area.

Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb of Cape Town and known as the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. It’s located aLong the Indian Ocean in the southwest part of the country in an area where there are rocky shores and large cliffs. The point where the Cape Peninsula curves around to the False Bay coast is an area known for its abundant Great White Shark population.

The residential area facing the ocean along Beach Road has some beautiful stately historical houses. Along the beginning of the beach there are rows of colorful changing huts like those used in the Victorian era. Another interesting place in Muizenberg is Masque Theatre which produces some of the best amateur theater in the area.

Didn’t get lost today – YEAH!

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