Cape Town Outing South Africa

Caught an African taxi into Cape Town this morning to hang out for the day – no plan except blending with the locals and enjoying some good strong espresso.

I’m now referred to (along with local women of “my age”) as “Mama” – proof things change with time – oh well. The African taxis have a driver and a fare collector / “crier” who calls out the destination as the taxi rolls along the street. A one-way fare from Bantry Bay to Cape Town is R5 ($.75). Haven’t rented a car yet as I am still slightly jet lagged and don’t trust myself behind the wheel. The drivers here are crazy – worse than I’ve seen in Mumbai or Delhi – and getting used to driving on the other side of the street again is another story…

Saw some lovely African art in Greenmarket Square off Long Street and there were several German, French, and Swiss tourists wandering around. The weather is great – cool at night but blue, blue skies and a nice sea breeze during the day. Once again I am in awe of the natural beauty of the Cape – truly extraordinary!

The latest tourist crazes include shark cage diving and other adrenalin-filled activities like sky diving which I tried in my 20s and have no need to experience again 40 years later.

Both Malay and Cape Dutch architectures are gorgeous with a few modern buildings scattered in between. It was an altogether pleasant day and so nice to have time to acclimate before getting involved with the children at The Shine Centre and Home From Home.

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