The Thin Place by Lucas Hnath

Lucas Hnath Playwright – Playbill

Performing arts theatre in Oregon is a joy, as was a recent production of The Thin Place by Oregon Contemporary Theatre (OCT). The compelling drama, written by playwright Lucas Hnath, focuses on otherworldly events.


Lucas Hnath’s play The Thin Place “explores supernatural events following the burgeoning relationship between two women – one who’s recently experienced a strange loss, and another who communicates with the dead”. Playbill


John Schmor Director – YouTube

Hnath is a new playwright to me. His plays are popular, and he received a Tony Award nomination for A Doll’s House, Part 2 and an Obie Award for The Christians.

I was impressed with the impact The Thin Place had on the audience, including me. It’s a brilliant play that will have a personal and unique meaning for each individual who sees it. I’m eager to enjoy more Hnath plays. A few of the most notable include The ChristiansRed Speedo, and of course A Doll’s House.


“Linda can speak to the dead, Hilda wants to.”


Cast and Production Team 

The cast and production team were excellent, and the performance was directed by John Schmor, a professor in the Theater Department at University of Oregon. The 90-minute play includes four actors – Hilda, Linda, Jerry, and Sylvia. Hilda and Linda are the primary players, and both gave powerful performances:


“This spine-tingling new play examines the things we don’t know and can’t understand.” Oregon Contemporary Theatre


I thoroughly enjoyed OCT’s production and highly recommend it! Beware – the play may haunt you…

Lucas Hnath Playwright – Vogue
Autumn in Oregon

I’m still enjoying peaceful, contemplative time in Oregon – it’s wonderful. Autumn colors are extraordinarily bright this year, but the rain and wind arrived, striping leaves from soon-to-be-bare trees. A chill in the air, raindrops on skylights, and colorful leaves floating down from above are some of my favorite autumn memories. At first, I tried to keep up with the fallen leaves – cheered on (or maybe laughed at) by the usual audience of squirrels. My guess is the leaves will all be down by late December? However, the onslaught of pine needles appears endless. I’ve gathered barrels of them over the past few weeks, but after each storm, find myself back at square one, wondering how many more could possibly fall!

Oregon Autumn Sky


“The Thin Place is the story of two women, Hilda and Linda. Linda communicates, professionally, with the dead, who are still here, just in a different part of here, in the thin place. She can make those who believe hear them, offering them peace and closure and meaning.”


Next Trip

Still pondering the next travel adventure, and persistent havoc throughout the world won’t deter me. I would leave today, but holiday travel is hectic and expensive. If I can contain my wanderlust for a few more months, I’ll depart in January 2024 for another long, off-season adventure. Thinking things out before the next departure is vital, but with so many conflicts in the air, not sure that’s even possible. The Middle East isn’t on the itinerary, but I would like to return to Cyprus and revisit Jordan’s unforgettable Wadi Rum Desert. That spectacular desert landscape cast a spell on me.

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