Bye Bye București!

La revedere București, o să-mi fie dor de tine!


      1. suemtravels

        Ahhhh the come home to a big ol’ mess scenario – you think of all the good stuff Gwen! I’ve left my house for extended trips so many times, and from trial and error learned to deal with most potential havoc – sorta :o(. I have professionals manage while traveling, and their fee is well spent. Expecting neighbors or friends to watch out for your house and belongings is being naïve. Will have to replace a few smaller trees damaged from squirrels digging up the root base, but that’s the worst of it. I’ve thought about renting my place while on extended trips, but when factoring in the cost to store belongings, management fees, getting them out when I’m ready to return, and performing cleanup and damage repair – it’s not worth it… Nothing is ever simple, right? Am already planning next trip in my head!!!

      2. Garrulous Gwendoline

        Yep. Perhaps it was my brother’s saying sticking in my head – “Now what can possibly go wrong?”
        I think you’re wise not to rent out for all the reasons you give, and also not to rely on the neighbours which would wear a bit thin after a few weeks.
        And the planning the trip is three quarters of the fun!

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