International Art Festival of New Media Novi Sad Serbia

Videomedeja 2021

Last night, I attended the opening of Novi Sad’s New Media Art FestivalVideomedeja. This year marks the festival’s 25th anniversary. It’s being presented between October 14 and 16 at the Svilara Cultural Station, conveniently around the corner from my rental apartment.

Svilara Cultural Station at Night
Dalibor Rožić City Council for Culture – Novi Sad

With limited knowledge of the complexities involved in media production, I did basic research on the vast subject, so I wasn’t totally in the dark. It’s a huge learning curve! For the audience, works presented are more about seeing than knowing.

Mileta Poštić Special Adviser to Minister of Culture and Information –

Friends of the festival joined in the festivities, including guests and volunteers from Austria, Poland, Ukraine, and China. The opening ceremony was presented by four notable supporters:

Ivana Sremčević Matijević Videomedeja Director – Videomedeja
Worldwide Competition

The festival “brings together artists from over 40 countries”. There’s lots to wrap your head around, with a total of 58 “works of art in the form of animation, video, film, media installations, and interactive projects“. This year’s Videomedeja edition is entitled Video restArt – given the many “world changes affecting the perception of video art today”.

Svilara Cultural Station Novi Sad –


” Videomedeja is an alternative cultural event, which shows a real reflection of the social situation and individual in relation to ruling systems and global policies, through contemporary art forms from all over the world.”  Ivana Sremčević Matijević, Videomedeja Director


Svilara Cultural Station Novi Sad – Film in Serbia
Željko Mandić Cinematographer, Actor – Nova BH
Srđan Radaković Director, Animator – Experimental Superstars 2016
Aleksandar Davić Painter, Director, Screenwriter –

The three-day program was edited by Ivana Sremčević Matijević, Željko Mandić, and Srđan Radaković. The works presented this year include:

Vladimir Veličković Serbian Painter, Director, Writer

The main program includes “works selected on the basis of an international open competition”. Of over 1,000 submittals, only 5% are included in the program.

Kacper Usar Poland 2020 Espiral –


“Videomedeja searches for artists who notice hidden reality, culture, and art points that show differences and re-examine ethical and aesthetic values.​​” Ivana Sremčević Matijević


Erik Deerly Studio Videomedeja International Video Festival

The competition selection is “dominated by works of art that question the political, social, and cultural constructions of the system”. Works submitted are “artistic constructions of critical and subversive activity through avant-garde forms that react to the official ideological doctrine”.

Sasa Matijević Lunartis Director, Festival Coordinator –
V. Veličković Monograph –

The competition consists of 26 selected works:

Julia Skala and Oscar Jacobson Sommerregen Germany 2020 –
Christopher Beaton Numb US 2020 –

Seven video works by local authors in the “Made in Serbia” category will be shown. Other showings include nine student art films from the “Lunartis” category of “prestigious film academies around the world“.

Video Art Association Videomedeja –


“The festival presents different perceptions and customs, primarily avant-garde, through innovative technologies and new artistic practices.”


Zoran Naskovski Multimedia Artist –
Syliva Winkler and Stephen Koeperl – Fonderie Carling
Festival Jury

This year, the international jury is “composed of: Zoran Naskovski (Serbia), Sylvia Winkler (Austria), Stephan Köperl (Germany), and Adad Hannah (BC Canada). On Saturday, October 16, the jury will announce the Sphinx Award for the best in the Video Projections category and the “Bogdanka Poznanović” Award for the best in the Media Projects category. Bogdanka Poznanović, an “avant-garde multimedia artist, was formerly a professor, Academy of Arts Novi Sad”.

Adad Hannah Artist – Museum Week

There were interesting faces in the crowd. I interacted briefly with a few of them. Unfortunately, I found the opening ceremony confusing and frustrating, mainly because it was in Serbian. A few of the presenters also spoke English, but acoustics in the room were poor. I was seated in the back, so it was almost impossible to discern what was being said. My research was helpful, and I may return to view works of particular interest. The shortest production lasts a few minutes, while longer works can continue for 30+ minutes.

Bogdanka Poznanović – Korzo Portal
Romania Next

To my surprise, Novi Sad hasn’t been as easy a place to assimilate as Belgrade. My solo travels have taught me that without local contacts or a specific purpose, e.g., a job, larger cities are the best bet for foreign travel nomads. I leave Novi Sad the end of October for Bucharest Romania. This will be my first visit to Romania, and I’m looking forward to it! Covid restrictions have dictated much of my itinerary during this trip. I’m hopeful that those restrictions will be eliminated in the future.

Video Art Association Videomedeja – Facebook

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