Vyšehrad Prague Czech Republic 2021

Vltava River from Vyšehrad

I spent the afternoon walking around beautiful Vyšehrad, one of my favorite parts of Prague. I wrote about Vyšehrad in 2013 and 2017 blog posts, so this is primarily sharing photos taken today. I always enjoy spending time there. It’s a special part of Prague, with unequalled views of the Vltava River.

Neo-Gothic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul
Vyšehrad Flowers

Founded during the 10th century and “shrouded in legends,” Vyšehrad Castle maintains an aura of magic and mystery. It’s so pleasant, I didn’t want to leave, and will probably go back again before this visit in Prague ends.

Rotunda of St. Martin
Vyšehrad Gallery – Informuji.cz

“In 1962, the Vyšehrad complex was declared a national cultural monument. In 1991, part of the property was returned to the Vyšehrad Chapter. The remaining area is owned and managed by Czech Ministry of Culture Monument Care.” I recommend visiting Vyšehrad. It’s a beautiful, peaceful place!

Jonas Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION
Daniel Pitín Exhibition Vyšehrad Gallery

During my visit, I stopped at Vyšehrad Gallery to view a small exhibition by Czech artist Daniel Pitín entitled INCORPORATION. Pitín is “a prominent representative of younger contemporary Czech painters”. His work is often “exhibited abroad, in the context of global visual culture events”.

Daniel Pitín – archiv.hn.cz
A Composition with Yellow Triangle Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION

Pitkin is interested in “new forms of descriptiveness in relation to the moving image and its associated narrative”. He studies the “transformation of the whole narrative field, in which temporal and spatial plans are compressed, and the unambiguity of the story is decomposed or emancipated”.

A Whale Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION

Pitkin’s fascination is with “the relationship of static means of expression to the ubiquitous experience with time media and vice versa”. Try as I may, not exactly sure how to interpret that, but I do find his art both fascinating and beautiful! Photos can’t capture the depth of his style.

Nicole Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION

His exhibition in the Vyšehrad Gallery “presents a selection of new works, mostly from 2020 and the period of the pandemic that changed worldwide social conditions”.

After the Storm Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION

Talented Daniel Pitín was born in Prague in 1977. He graduated from Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts Studio of Classical Painting Techniques, Zdeněk Beran School, and Miloš Šejn Conceptual Media School. He’s received international recognition and won many distinguished awards. His paintings are exhibited at galleries worldwide.

Night Fall in Forest Daniel Pitín INCORPORATION

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