August 2021 Full Moon Festival Athens Greece

Full Moon Acropolis –

The Athens August 2021 Full Moon Festival was special this year, because of the bicentennial celebration of the 1821 Greek War of Independence. My introduction to the historic Greek War was while viewing an impressive exhibition at the Benaki Museum. The exhibition, 1821: The Collectors’ Choice, is a masterful visual portrayal of the 1821 Greek Revolution.

Full, Super, Blue, Sturgeon Moon!

There weren’t many tourists on Acropolis Hill to view the full moon, but there were lots of locals. The moon was glorious both nights! It rose away from the Acropolis on the 21st, so it was less spectacular than the show illustrated in the eKathimerini photo above from a previous year.

August 22, 2023 Full Moon Temple of Poseidon Cape Sounion –

On August 22nd, it was a super full moonalso a rare blue moon, and a sturgeon moon! My photography can’t compete with the media shots attached! It was an unforgettable experience! The fabulous photo above was taken at Cape Sounion, a sacred area near the Temple of Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses!

Full Moon Over Acropolis – © George Pachantouris Getty Images


“Without Greek studies, there’s no education”  Tolstoy


Acropolis Museum Athens
Acropolis Museum

To mark the full moon and war of independence, the Acropolis Museum offered free admittance and special talks. Afternoons in the Acropolis Museum talks provide “rich stories of the gallery’s many treasures”.

Although I visited the museum during a previous trip in 2013, I decided to take another tour. It’s a spectacular place, but as with most museums, slightly overwhelming. For me, the best part was the non-stop view of Acropolis Hill from windows along the north side of the museum!

The reliefs, statues, and other artifacts are impressive, but it would take a triple PhD – archeology, architecture, Greek history and mythology – to grasp the vastness of the ancient find and deeper historical meaning of the treasure trove uncovered. I learned new words, like kore and caryatid. Acropolis stories about gods, goddesses, and Greek mythical creatures are mesmerizing!

Caryatids Acropolis Museum – Athenian Tour
Acropolis Museum 12th Anniversary

The Acropolis Museum celebrated its 12th anniversary in June 2021. In conjunction with its birthday, the museum opened a new thematic presentation abut the Persian Wars, Marathon – Salamis: In Traces of Myth and History. As part of this presentation, “visitors are invited to discuss the Greco-Persian Wars with archaeologists”.

Archaic Gallery Acropolis Museum – Focus Greece
Greek Battles, Gods, Goddesses

The wars are “considered through the lens of their impact on the western world, and the importance of the Battle of Marathon in the later victory of the Greek forces at the Battle of Salamis”.

Battle of Salamis –


“We are all Greeks. Our laws, our literature, our religion, our arts have their root in Greece.”  Percy Bysshe Shelley


Battle of Marathon – Google

The presentation examines the combatants and the role played by the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology in their psyches. After the destruction of the Acropolis, it explores the rebirth experienced following the Greek victory.

Nicolas Poussin Apollo and Muses Prado Museum – Wikipedia
Goddess Nikai
Last Post from Athens

This is my last post from Athens, a magical place that has captivated me over the past two months. When there’s something interesting to share, I’ll post from my next destination, Prague Czech Republic.

Under the Acropolis Museum
Acropolis from Museum

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