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Anemoessa Studio Apartments Milos

Milos Island is possibly as good as it gets. The small, quiet Greek island exudes a calm, Mediterraneo bliss that’s almost hypnotic. Getting here wasn’t easy – many covid-inflicted hurdles – but I survived, and it was definitely worth it.

Milos Sarakiniko Beach – Greeka
Anemoessa Studio Apartments Milos

The ferry stopped at several islands en route to Milos, including interesting Serifos. Milos is the island recommended by locals I’ve met in Athens, and heeding their advice was wise.

Serifos Island

“Amongst the incredible Cyclades, Milos is unique. It’s shaped by a volcanic past with red, orange, and pink rocks painting the beaches”. It offers “a distinctive beauty unlike other islands, because of its dramatic color and landscape. Many think it’s the most exotic island in the Aegean Sea”.

Milos Beach – Travel Passionate

Milos has numerous attractions – “white rock formations in Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, lucid emerald green waters, and caves eroded by a sea steeped in pirate stories”. These are “rivalled by an array of Pláka (capital of Milos Island and a historical neighborhood) sunsets, Christian catacombs, stunning beaches, and the multi-colored settlements of Klima, Emborios, and Mandrakia, with their quaint buildings cut into surrounding cliffs”.

Milos Neighbor Theodorus
Serifos Island

Milos is where the Venus de Milo was discovered. Today, the “exquisite life-sized marble statue, believed to be the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, is housed in the Louvre”.

Village of Klima Milos Island – davestravel

During a trip to Greece in 2013, I visited more touristed islands, like Santorini. This time, I’m content with low-key Milos. After a busy time in Athens, I haven’t decided what/if to sightsee here in Milos. So far, the best part of the trip has been a glorious swim in the small private beach across the street from my apartment – heavenly! I decided that while on Milos, a swim in the Aegean Sea will be my daily ritual!

Me Milos
Milos Beach
Anemoessa Studio Apartments Milos

Tonight, I’ll visit Rakomelo, a small local restaurant along the coast, a few minutes’ walk from my apartment.

Ferry 6 a.m. Piraeus Port Athens

More later…


    1. suemtravels

      YES – slept like a baby last night! On the way out now for a morning swim and snorkel. Kitty cat neighbour visited this morning – so thin. Gave it (him) a little bit of milk and shared my croissant – hope that doesn’t disagree with his skinny little body!

      1. suemtravels

        His name is Theodorus – named after the Greek mathematician known for his “contribution to the development of irrational numbers” – huh – whatever that means?! Found bright RED volcanic rocks during my swim, not many fish but interesting seaweed and crustaceans.

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