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Giorgos Kontrafouris Trio The Passing –

Athens has a great variety of affordable, outdoor summer concerts. The venues are almost as interesting as the artists who perform. Last night I attended a jazz concert in Megaron Garden, a 4.5-acre public park noted for its “cultural and educational activities organized by the Athens Concert Hall”. Megaron is near the US Embassy and Eleftherias Park, another beautiful green haven in Athens. It’s easily accessed via the Megaro Mousikis Metro station.

Giorgos Kontrafouris Trio

The Giorgos Kontrafouris Trio performed last night, featuring top jazz pianist Giorgos Kontrafouris “accompanied by two excellent young musicians, Kimon Karoutzos on bass and American Jason Wastor on drums”. Karoutzos and Wastor bring “their youthful freshness and energy to Kontrafouris’ compositions”. The jazz trio is dynamic, and their performance was impressive!

George Kontrafouris Trio – deBop
Album “The Passing”

The concert featured compositions from Kontrafouris’ latest album, “The Passing”. Through the album, he “explores the piano as a means of reviewing the memories of his long and creative artistic career”. The album features his own compositions, as well as those of “other Greek musicians who played an important role in his development as a jazz artist”. The new album’s first live presentation took place at Birdland Jazz Club in Manhattan, New York on February 2, 2020.

One composition, “Aeolian,” is by “pioneering jazz pianist and composer Markos Alexiou (1939-2014)”. Alexiou played an important role in George’s development as a pianist. Another composition, “Hammock,” is a rendition of a song by Greek singer, songwriter Savvina Giannatou. The song premiered in 1982, at a Corfu Song Contest founded by renowned Greek composer, songwriter Manos Hatzidakis.

Kimon Karoutzos Bassist – All About Jazz
George Kontrafouris

“As a leading Greek jazz pianist, organist, and teacher, George Kontrafouris’ rich discography and collaborations with musicians worldwide is internationally recognized. His artistic production includes jazz, blues, Greek music, poetry, and improvisations.”

Megaron Garden Concert Hall –

Kontrafouris studied at the Finnish Academy of Music Sibelius and Athens Conservatory. He teaches jazz piano and instrument at Ionian University and has taught at the Sibelius Academy in Finland and Athenaeum Conservatory in Greece. Kontrafouris has given seminars at various schools in Greece, Ireland, Indonesia, and Estonia.

Kimon Karoutzos and Jason Wastor

Kimon Karoutzos is a student of the legendary jazz artist Ron Carter – bassist, composer, educator, and author. Jason Wastor is a student of jazz master drummer Kenny Washington. Both Karoutzos and Wastor performed extraordinary solos last night, demonstrating their immense talent!

Jason Wastor Drummer – MUBI

Kontrafouris spoke in Greek, so I missed his thoughtful, heart-felt introductions to the pieces performed. The excellent jazz spoke for itself. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening of top-notch classical jazz! The music was like a gentle brain massage.

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