Hermanus South Africa Animal Welfare Society

HAWS Kitties

I began volunteering at the Hermanus Animal Welfare Society (HAWS). HAWS “cares for lost, sick, abandoned, and abused cats and dogs”. I’m spending time with both dogs and cats. The dogs are so happy to get out of their kennels into sunshine and fresh air, walking them is especially satisfying! It’s good exercise when the larger dogs take you for a walk, rather than vice versa.

My first day was spent walking dogs with another new volunteer – a South African woman who’s leaving soon for university in Edinburgh Scotland. The dogs realized we were new and did their best to break us in :). I enjoy talking with fellow dog walkers and getting a local perspective on South Africa.

Helmeted Guineafowl – Wikipedia

The cattery is between dog kennels. Cool kitties remain calm as they watch the daily parade of energetic dogs passing by on their way for a walk. There was no hissing, but I saw a few scathing “if looks could kill” glares.

The volunteer operation is low-key and mellow. It’s up to volunteers how often they show up – of course the dogs and cats appreciate love and attention any time. The kennels are in an industrial area surrounded by businesses, including the cordoned-off and mysterious South African National Space Agency (SANSA) next door.

Laughing Dove – Bird & Wildlife Photography Richard and Eileen Flack theflacks.co.za

SANSA “promotes the use of space and cooperation in space-related activities”. Activities include gathering Earth observation data and monitoring space weather information – huh

Cats Hear Better Than Dogs – infurmation.co.za

A field between SANSA and HAWS is ideal for dog walking. It would be scary at night. There are a few areas where people have dumped interesting (for lack of a better word) rubbish. The dogs enjoy socializing, and mole mounds, guineafowl, pigeon, and dove provide seemingly endless amusement.

Over the years, I’ve participated in various forms of volunteering throughout South Africa. This time, I opted for simple. Spending time with the dogs and cats is a joyful, uncomplicated experience. When you enter their space with a leash in hand, the dogs get excited! They know why you’re there. A lead volunteer says the dirtier she gets while volunteering, the more beneficial the day is for the animals. I agree.

Rock Pigeon – nemesisbird.com

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