Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade Serbia

Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra of Serbia (RTS) – Belgrade Beat

This week I’ve enjoyed exceptional performances in Belgrade. Last night the concert was part of the 49th International Jeunesses Musicales Competition. It enables young musicians to “test and confirm their artistic values”.

Belgrade Philharmonic Studentski Square 

I tried to get tickets for the Belgrade Philharmonic in Studentski Trg (Students Square) – a different venue than ballet and opera at the National Theatre. I missed the special March performances. Officially, Belgrade Philharmonic season begins in April and annual passes sell quickly. Single tickets are almost impossible to find.

Ilija M. Kolarac (1800-1878) – Wikipedia

As the name suggests, Studentski Trg is lined with educational and cultural institutions like the University of Belgrade and Kolarac Public University. Kolarac University Concert Hall is the venue for the Musicales Competition.

Kolarac Music Center Studentski Street – British Council Takeover

Kolarac Public University Music Center

The group sponsoring the piano competition – Ilija M. Kolarac Foundation – isn’t associated with the Philharmonic. The Philharmonic performs in Kolarac Foundation Concert Hall. Tickets and information are in another building. Maybe I’m getting rummy learning my way around new European cities?

Kolarac Concert Hall – News Kolarac

Jeunesses Musicales Competition

Founded in 1932 by successful Serbian merchant Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac, Kolarac People’s University is a “unique cultural institution”. Its aim is “spreading knowledge and cultivating the attributes of its own culture”.

Buildings Studentski Trg Belgrade – Itinari

The “multidisciplinary Jeunesses Competition” has promoted the discovery of new international music talent since 1971. It has a five-year cycle”.

Johannes Brahms Composer – Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Brahms and Dvorak

Last Night’s performance was the Opening Ceremony. Everything was in Serbian, so I didn’t understand the introductions and tribute to distinguished judges.

Antonin Dvorak Composer – Classic FM

The music was beautiful! The program lasted a few hours and included two spectacular pieces:

J. Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 83, B flat major – Eugen Indjic, pianist and Jeunesses Musicales Judge

A. Dvořák Symphony No., 9, E minor, “The New World” – Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra conducted by Bojan Sudjic

Dvorak’s dramatic New World Symphony is an all-time favorite of mine!

Pianist Eugen Indjic and Conductor Bojan Sudjic

Piano soloist Eugen Indjic was masterful during the Brahms piece! The Serbian Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra’s (RTS) performance of Dvorak’s New World Symphony was outstanding! It’s one of the best philharmonics I’ve heard!

Bojan Sudjic – Chief Conductor Serbian Radio-Television Symphony –

Bojan Sudjic is chief conductor of the symphony and artistic director of RTS Music Production. He’s a powerful but happy conductor, smiling during the entire performance.

Eugen Indjic Pianist – Bohemian Ticket

It was an impressive and memorable evening.


  1. navasolanature

    There is such a love and expertise in classical music in many European countries. A friend is going to a farewell concert on 29 th March as it seems many non brit musicians will not stay on after Brexit and there will be a loss of funding. Serbia certainly seems to love culture and music.

  2. suemtravels

    That’s too bad… I’ve noticed the popularity of classical music throughout this trip – Berlin, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, and now in Belgrade. The last stop will be Cape Town where they also have a fantastic symphony.

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