Kotor Montenegro to Sarajevo Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sarajevo Vista – samed

Tomorrow I leave Kotor for Sarajevo – the capital and largest city in . Bosnia and Herzegovina. Visiting Sarajevo is exciting, even in the winter when it’s cold with snow flurries in the forecast.

Sarajevo – FIBA
Emperor’s Mosque Sarajevo – otarikkic Pizabay
Religious and Cultural Diversity

Although I appreciate the medieval cities, exceptional nature, and beautiful coastal areas in Croatia and Montenegro, I also enjoy the energy of cities. Sarajevo is the “political, social, and cultural center of Bosnia and a prominent cultural center in the Balkans”. It’s also known for religious and cultural diversity.

Sarajevo Rooftops and Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals – Charles Bowman
Roman Bridge Sarajevo – Elvira Bojadzic Islamic Arts Magazine
Cable Car and Trams

Like San Francisco, Sarajevo has a cable car and an electric tram network running through the city. I’m staying in Old Town near the city center and looking forward to using these means of transportation for exploring!

Sarajevo Trebević Cable Car – Monocle
Sarajevo Bridges Miljacka River – Sarajevo Travel


“Sarajevo is one of few European cities with a “mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church, and synagogue all in the same neighborhood”.


Sarajevo Tram – commons.wilkimedia.org
Kotor Montenegro – globeguide.ca
World War I

In 1914, Bosnian Serb teenage activist Gavrilo Princip assassinated Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparking World War I and “ending Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia“.  Years later during the Bosnia and Yugoslav Wars, Sarajevo suffered the “longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare”. The city is still undergoing post-war reconstruction.

Princip Gavrilo – Wikipedia
Sacred Heart Cathedral Sarajevo – Sygic Travel
Latin Bridge Sarajevo – FlixBus
Festina Lente Looping Bridge Sarajevo – Dezeen

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