Paradise Valley Nature Reserve KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg

Paradise Valley Nature Reserve is a hidden KwaZulu-Natal gem tucked half way between Pinetown and Pietermaritzburg. The coastal forest and grasslands have local history, including “mysterious burial mounds” and the remains of Umbilo Waterworks, a South African national monument built in 1887.


“In the late 19th Century, Durbanites caught a train to Pinetown Bridge and walked down to the Umbilo Waterworks for picnicking, boating, fishing, and hiking. In 1905, a destructive flood quickly put an end to Umbilo Dam.”

Waterworks Ruin
Waterworks Ruin


“In 15 devastating hours 16 inches of rain fell, and logs, bamboo, and debris blocked the river at Pinetown Bridge.”


Waterworks Ruin Spillway

The bridge gave way, and the ensuing tidal wave not only killed hundreds of people but also destroyed countless homes on the lower Umbilo riverbanks. Durban discovered alternative water supplies, so Umbilo Dam was never rebuilt.

Strelitzia Nicolai – Wild Banana Tree
Hiking Trails

There are four hiking trails in the nature reserve – Dormouse, Bushbuck, Waterfall, and Duiker. They begin at the Interpretive Centre on a path leading down to the picnic area. The start of the Waterfall Trail is a walk over old wooden bridges on the other side of the Umbilo River. The trail follows beautiful flat river rock, waterfalls, and thick jungle-like terrain with massive strelitzias – wild banana trees.


The Waterfall Trail passes through a waterworks slipway with ponds and yellowwood trees. Near the bottom of the falls, beyond the turnoff to Duiker Trail, there’s a natural viewing platform. In the summer heat, a large pool below the falls is tempting, but water quality is poor, and swimming isn’t recommended.

Paradise Valley Wooden Bridge

I’ve been a bit under the weather with a stubborn virus and haven’t done much strenuous activity for a week. The gentle Waterfall Trail was perfect. I met several couples enjoying the romantic scenery and heard but did not see animals. Fragrances in the light, humid air and the sweet sounds of birds singing were magnificent!

Bushbuck Cardo Kleberg
Dormouse Pinterest