Durban Botanic Gardens South Africa

Feeding Egyptian Geese

Yesterday I visited Durban’s subtropical botanical garden – the most beautiful in the world, for eyes and nose! A guide, Krishna, educated me about the trees, plants, and birds. Many of the “proper” names are long, so I took photos. The exquisite plants take your breath away and divine fragrances fill the air – orchid, lemongrass, jasmine….

Rare Cycad Palm

Australian Palm


Durban Botanic Gardens maintains indigenous plant collections from the subtropics, characterized by majestic trees dominating the landscape.”


As Africa’s oldest surviving botanic garden and Durban’s oldest public institution, the Durban Botanic Gardens cover 30 lush acres. The Garden is famous for a collection of rare South African Cycads.

Duck Family

Vervet Monkeys

Tree Frog on New Guinea Kamerere (Eucalyptus)


Bird in Nest in Lotus Leaves

History and Background

British Colonists developed the Garden in 1849 as a “botanic station for agricultural crops”. Today it’s part of a network of international botanic gardens focusing on “biodiversity, education, heritage, research, horticultural, and green innovation“.

Ibis aka Hadeda

One focus is conserving threatened plant collections like cycads and palms.

Branches New Guinea Kamerere


The Gardens are home to the “original specimen of a Cycad widely acknowledged as the rarest plant in the world”.


Highlights and Collections

The main plant collections are, orchids, bromeliads, cycads, and palms.

Yellow Orchids

In the Trees

Bark New Guinea Kamerere


Egyptian Goose

Yes, they’re really Blue!


More Orchids

Monkey on a Bench

Little Bird

  • Orchid House – first “naturalistic” orchid collection with Cattleya, Dendrobium, Vanda, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, and Miltonia
  • Cycads and Palms – rarest collection in the world
  • Natal Herbarium – specimens of dried, pressed, and catalogued plants
  • Charity Tea Garden – teas and refreshments for visitors
  • Sensory Garden for the Blind
  • Heritage Trees – rare majestic species over 100 years old
  • Education – permaculture courses, lectures, horticultural library
  • Botanical Research Unit – researching indigenous flora
  • Durban University Horticulture Department – work with students
  • Green Innovation – focus on Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC)

Red Bishop on Lotus


On the way home I discovered Château Gâteaux, a South African pâtisserie with great espresso and tempting sweets. The fudge-picasso white chocolate mousse is ;)!

Fudge-Picasso Château Gâteaux

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