uShaka Marine World Durban South Africa

Dolphin Show Sea World

uShaka Marine World is a happy, fun experience in a relaxed environment. Magnificent sea animals create the atmosphere and are clearly the stars!


The largest aquarium in the “southern hemisphere,” Marine World opened in 2004 and easily became a major attraction for both tourists and South Africans.



Underground viewing galleries extend through a series of “four superbly designed old shipwrecks”.


Whale Skeleton Inside Shipwreck

The park has 6 themed sections:

African Penguins
African Penguin
African Penguin

I spent most of the day in Sea World thoroughly enjoying the dolphins, Cape fur seals, and African penguins. The animals are brilliant, happy, and healthy. They’re clearly loved and well cared for. During each show, staff discuss current environmental challenges facing sea animals, encouraging respect for the sea and its creatures.


“Aquarium displays represent the natural habitat of sea creatures and depict a story that ties in with the Phantom Ship theme.”


Dolphin and seal shows are performed in impressive open-air stadiums. The popular performances include interaction with the audience.

Eleven gorgeous Cape fur seals delighted their audience – Spungie, Mobi, Thembeka, Tee, Mullet, Moya, Daisy, Jabu, Hlabhayi, Dosy, and Illanga. Seemingly natural-born entertainers, seals are especially adept at entertaining and hamming it up.

Ten incredible, lovable dolphins performed during the Dolphin Show – Gambit, Frodo, Khethise, Kelpie, Kwezi, Ingelosi, Tombi, Khanya, Affrika, Zulu! Their antics and sounds were fascinating.

Each animal at uShaka is unique and has an individual story. Many were rescued and nursed back to health. If possible, Marine World releases all animals back into the wild.

uShaka Marine World Aquarium


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