Hook Line and Sinker Pringle Bay South Africa

Hook Line and Sinker

Hook Line and Sinker is a funky, rustic Pringle Bay seafood restaurant an hour northwest of Hermanus. I heard about it from an acquaintance in Onrus. It’s small and popular, so reservations are a must.

At Hook Line and Sinker, the food they serve is fresh from the sea and handpicked in local markets. The menu is seasonal and includes yummy desserts like their delicious homemade crème brûlée!

Chefs and owners Stefan and Karl cook in plain sight over an open fire. They’re not only good cooks but also tons of fun! It was like having a meal at a friend’s house.

“At Hook Line and Sinker, the atmosphere is as important as the food. First time visitors quickly become friends and there’s always a piece of wall (or ceiling!) and a marker pen available to write about your experiences.”

Pringle Bay

There were about 15 people enjoying Sunday lunch, so I had some entertaining conversations with the other guests and Stefan and Karl – both cheeky but charming guys! Their wives were taking the day off, so it was a chance for them to misbehave. Stefan is a pilot and enjoys flying a Jabiru airplane, an Australian designed aircraft popular in Southern Africa.

After lunch, I drove around Pringle Bay – another beautiful beach community – and walked the shoreline. From Point Road, there are splendid views of the Bay and surrounding mountains all the way to Cape Town. The beach houses are wonderful.

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