Cape Town Opera Carmen

Carmen Cape Town Opera

Cape Town Opera’s production of Georges Bizet’s popular Carmen is glorious! It plays through October 29 at Artscape Theatre and I attended the sold-out Saturday performance with a friend. The spectacular production was dedicated to the memory of Carolyn Holden, flamenco choreographer and founder of La Rosa Spanish Dance Theatre. She devoted her life to dance. Holden died an untimely death in 2013 at the age of 50. She choreographed the Opera’s 2005 and 2011 productions of Carmen.

Carmen Billboard
Carmen Billboard

Renowned author and award-winning Opera Director Michael Williams did a spectacular job managing the opera’s staging. Creative Set and Costume Designer Michael Mitchell’s “atmospheric designs conjured up a hot and sultry Seville”.

Carmen and Don Jose
Carmen and Don Jose

The large cast included the adorable, talented Erub Children’s Choir, magnificent soprano, mezzo, tenor, and baritone choruses, and a company of flamenco dancers who brilliantly performed the late Carolyn Holden’s choreography. The always remarkable Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra led by renowned British conductor Tim Murray accompanied the scintillating operatic performance!

Mezzo Soprano Violina Anguelov Carmen
Mezzo Soprano Violina Anguelov Carmen

The cast performed exceptionally well. Mezzo-soprano Violina Anguelov – Carmen – and Canadian Tenor Luc Robert – Don José – gave bold, flawless performances clearly delighting a happy audience!

Soprano Noluvuyiso Mpofu’s voice is hauntingly beautiful in the role of the complex and betrayed character Micaëla. William Berger’s rich baritone voice well-portrays Don José’s rival, the flamboyant bullfighter Escamillo!

I enjoyed every moment during another evening of incredible Cape Town entertainment!

Carmen Cape Town Opera

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  1. Benedicte Riis

    Hi Sue,

    Oh I wish so much you could come here to Rio de Janeiro together with my Danish and South African friends next week and speak and party and sail and have fun.

    We are going to stay on a sailboat in Marina da Gloria the first nights, primitive, but waking up to the beatiful sunrise, I enjoyed so much when I was in that harbour for two years with my Tante Andante yacht.

    Meeting Jesus on the top of Corcovado, enjoying the healthy sucko fruit juice, dancing samba in Lapa, watching the sunset and billions of lights turning on in the city from high, high Sugar Louf reached in a funicular car.

    Then after 5 days we go to the small island Paqueta, in the middle of Guanabara Bay, an island with no cars, no noise, no hurry, just sailing calm into the small harbour, dropping anchor. Swimming, painting, making music, speaking and celebrating Edisons 64 years birthday.

    I know it is difficult for you to enter Brasil, but I want you to dream with us, and I am sure you are a bit here. Tell me about the friends you got there in Cape Town, and the work you are doing.

    Hugs and regards Edison and Benedicte


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