Colca Canyon Peru Mañana!

Colca Canyon Peru
Colca Canyon Peru

Feeling MUCH improved today, so early tomorrow I leave for several days hiking in Colca Canyon. Luckily I’m able to share the outfitter – Peru Adventure Tours, transportation, and guides with an Australian couple, making the trip much more affordable for everyone.

Our itineraries are different – they’re exploring on horseback while I’ll be hiking – but it works out perfectly. We’re off at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and I’m so excited!

Haven’t met the guide yet – a young Peruvian who knows the Canyon well. The weather may be our biggest challenge as some rain is forecast. The first part of the trek is down into the depths of the Canyon. Then we slowly work our way back up enjoying the scenery and wildlife along the way. After the first night, accommodations will be in rustic cabins along the way – no heat or hot water.


Today was the clearest day so far for photographing the mountains surrounding Arequipa, but these pictures don’t begin to do them justice – simply breathtaking!

More posts after the trek when settled in Puno and Lake Titicaca.


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