Surfers Mancora Peru


Today I saw surfers in a hurry carrying their boards down the main drag. Decided to follow them and wasn’t sorry as they led me to the surfer beach and put on a great show!

The surfer beach is about a mile from the beach near my lodge so It’s an easy walk there. About 50 surfers were in the water and as the tide came in fast, the waves got bigger.IMG_0023

The weather pattern is high afternoon wind followed by slightly overcast skies and a drop in temperature. Many beach dwellers pack up and head inland but that’s just the right time for the surfers to enjoy good waves.

It’s an interesting mixed crowd at the beaches and fun observing all the activity. I’ve noticed “surf camps” around town so it must be a popular place for young surfers to practice their skills. There are usually several locals on horseback who come to the beach to run their horses and give rides – beautiful horses.

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