From Cali to San Agustín Colombia

Cali Museo La Tertulia
Modern Office Building
Cali River

Cali is an extremely pleasant city and I spend the days exploring its many treasures. Visited Museo Las Tertulia yesterday and enjoyed the modern art on display. The hot tropical climate means things move slowly here but even though it’s been in the 90s, the humidity is low so it’s not unpleasant. Cali has a ton of parks and green areas. The climate and rich soil make it an ideal place for growing just about anything and there are special agricultural programs for residents.

Yesterday I walked along the river and today I’ll concentrate on the San Antonio district. Every night in Cali is like New Year’s Eve – unbelievable – with partying and dancing until dawn.

Office Building
Office Building

Had no idea traveling from Cali to Quito via Popayan or San Agustin would be so complicated, but then that’s what makes traveling in a foreign country interesting. The flights from Cali to Popayan, San Agustin, and Quito are all outrageously expensive – not sure exactly why as the distance isn’t that great.

In order to experience the territory thought it would be more interesting to take a bus over the Andes and stop off at a few places en route to break up the long trip. Turns out it’s much more complicated than I imagined. Since mi Español is “limite” discussing safety concerns and the nuances and options with someone who doesn’t speak English is a mini disaster.

IMG_0010Just as I was about to give it up, remembered the English-speaking taxi driver who picked me up at the Cali airport – Jorge Rojas – and called him. Jorge agreed to help and suggested picking either Popayan or San Agustin (not both). I opted for San Agustin. It sounds fascinating. Problem is San Agustin is a bit difficult to reach overland. Jorge will see what he can come up with for a less-expensive flight or a trusted overland bus service. I’m confident he can make it happen. Since I’m traveling for a long time the trip must be as economical as possible.


Every time I commit to booking something in advance it’s regretted later. The advanced hotel booking in Quito begins January 5th and it’s too late to change or cancel it without a huge penalty – : o (. Can’t remember why I did that but have re-learned the perils of making advanced bookings and will not make the same mistake again on this trip.  It would be nice to have more time in San Agustin – assuming I can figure out how to get there!


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