Hungarian Somlói Galuska Trifle Budapest Hungary

Somlói Galuska
Somlói Galuska
Hungarian Master Confectioner

Somlói galuska (shom-loh-ee gah-LOOSH-kah) is a delicious Hungarian trifle made with three different-flavored liqueur-soaked sponge cakes, pastry cream, raisins, walnuts, chocolate sauce, and topped with fresh whipped cream!

Somlói Galuska
Somlói Galuska

According to a legend, somlói galuska was named for a Hungarian master confectioner’s wife born in the Somló wine region. The pastry chef created the desert especially for her.

Café Gerbeaud
Dieter’s Nightmare

Hungarians love this rich, decadent desert and so do I! It’s served several different ways but is always delicious. It’s appropriately known as a “dieter’s nightmare,” but who cares?  Somlói galuska is even more popular than zserbo, another yummy Hungarian pastry made with walnuts and chocolate sauce.

Cafe Gerbeaud Budapest – Flickr
Café Gerbeaud – Flickr
Café Gerbeaud

Somlói galuska and zserbo are two popular Hungarian desserts served at Budapest’s elegant Café Gerbeaud near the spectacular Chain Bridge.

Somloi Trifle – zsuzsaisinthekitchen.blogspot

Yesterday was my birthday, so I had somlói galuska for desert last night – BIG smile! Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes which were sweet too.

Café Gerbeaud
Café Gerbeaud – Airbnb
Café Gerbeaud


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