Coastal Hike Cape Perpetua Oregon USA

Spouting Hole

Yesterday was a perfect day for hiking at Cape Perpetua Headland along Oregon’s Pacific coast! Our Obsidian hiking group consisted of 7. We started by exploring the fascinating tide pools, then hiked the Trail of Restless Waters to Devil’s Churn, the Whispering Spruce Trail to the top, and finally the Giant Spruce Trail.

Giant Spruce

It was a crystal clear day with temperatures in the 70s and amazing panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean! We ended the day with dinner in Yachats – pure euphoria…

Perpetua Coast Pacific Ocean

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  1. Sandra Larsen

    Hi sue,
    I’ve been hoping to get together with you for lunch one day soon and hear about your around the world trip last year. I kept up with some of it via your blog. Your hike at Perpetua sounds sublime. There are so many hikes and so many things to do, not enough hours in the day. by the way, I do better with E-mail than Facebook.
    Sandra Larsen

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