Judith Sephuma’s New Album Tour Cape Town

Judith Sephuma is a favorite South African jazz vocalist. She’s beginning a nationwide tour to promote her latest album, I Am A Living Testimony. Her Cape Town tour kicks off this weekend at West End. On December 3, she performs in New Brighton Port Elizabeth at Centenary Hall, and at Polokwane Meropa Casino on December 15. Her last show is in Johannesburg Gold Reef City February 4 at the Lyric Theatre, where she plans to film a live DVD.

Her new album is testimony to her musical journey and follows in the footsteps of Judith Sephuma’s previous albums, A Cry, A Smile, A Dance, New Beginnings, and Change is Here. I Am A Living Testimony is a gift to her loyal fan base.

Sephuma says: “In creating this album, I wanted to give something really good to my fans. They’re the ones who motivate me to write songs, and with the help from some of the best producers in the industry, craft each song just right.”

Driven by personal reflection Sephuma is deeply committed to her fans. “Her new album embodies love in all its different facets, and this theme flows through every song, giving the record a simplicity that has a powerful and lasting impact. One song, which reflects her emotional side is Write Me A Letter. It’s a beautiful song in which Sephuma showcases her vocal ability as a singer.”

I plan to attend Judith Sephuma’s performance at West End on Sunday afternoon, September 25. The tickets to her live performance are very reasonable.

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