Mindless Wandering Cape Town

Saturday was a day of mindless wandering around Cape Town and the surrounding areas – needed a day of no schedules or plans, just doing whatever.

I had breakfast at a café along the beach in Sea Point – asked them to hold the grilled tomato and mushrooms and had a HUGE cappuccino and extra toast and jam. Then I walked along the Sea Point Promenade toward Green Point – what a feast for the eyes! The surf was up, the sky was overcast in some parts, blue in others, and the scrumptious panorama included tankers anchored in Table Bay, Robben Island, joggers, Mouille Point Lighthouse, large pieces of sculpting along the boardwalk, seagulls, ibis, seals bobbing among the seaweed, and a never-ending onslaught of promenaders and dogs of every size, shape, and color!

Green Point Biodiversity Park is new to me. The last time I visited Cape Town it didn’t exist. Thinking maybe it was part of Green Point development for the World Cup Soccer extravaganza last year. It’s a fantastic park and has a child’s dream playground. Plan to take the children from Zonnebloem Cottage on an outing there. They will love it.

Then on to run an errand in a suburb near Kirstenbosch, more espresso, and a stroll along the Liesbeek River. Ended the day at a small shopping complex on Kloof Street in Cape Town where I saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes – YIKES – and then went shopping at Woolworth’s (Woolies for short). Woolworth’s is very popular in South Africa and a bit like Nordstrom, Trader Joes, and Whole Foods all combined into one store.

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